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Sascha is a wonderful 8 yr old full papered studbook mare, registered with FHANA/FPS as "Wietske". She is sired by the INCREDIBLE gorgeous approved stallion....the one pictured above with a mane reaching the ground, the incredible Wander!!!
What grabs us about this mare?!?
Why did we choose to import her, over hundreds of other horses in Europe?
Sascha has had quite a carreer in dressage, moving up from Introductory, to Training Level, to First Level, and now Second Level. This wonderful tall friesian mare has consistently scored above the rest, earning enough points in L2 dressage to show M level [2nd level]!!
She's loaded with "try", has a sweet personality, and conformation to be proud of, and height that most mares only DREAM of! She also boasts an impeccable pedigree worthy of yet another career----that of a brodmare. Not to mention, she's pretty, pretty, pretty.
She is a TRUE 165 cm tall, which is over 16.1 hands! Sascha is a sweet and kind mare that has extensive dressage training.
Her dressage show record is PROOF that she has consistently scored above 65% and has enough points to show M (2nd) level. Her show records at the KHNS are under her competition number # 350608WG.
You don't have to take our word for it, Sascha has PROVEN her athletic ability and training level, and has the show record (and accumulated points) to PROVE her athletic abilitity! This M level 8 yr old mare knows shoulder in, haunches in, counter canter, half pass, and travers. She is a rare dressage schoolmaster that does her job well.
Her motherline is impeccable.....
Mother is : Elberichje 198377910 Ster
Grand Mother is :Sybrich 197865700 Ster
Great Grandmother is :Onette 196553430 Ster + Pref
This is a VERY reasonably priced mature M level mare with much experience.

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