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Zorro H.


Harmen 424
Friesian Sire


Goffert 369
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Are you kidding......
a 1st premie colt, imported from Europe????? A colt chosen by the Dutch Judges as being in the tippy top 3-5 % of ALL weanlings???
You heard right----
Zorro is the BEST of the BEST, and clearly walked away, no, TROTTED away with the 1st premie title. It really is not all that surprising, when you consider the motherline of this exceptional HIGH quality 1st premie colt... At the keuring, Zorro was totally brown and he's now growing out of his babycoat:) Only his feet are still brown, but that's just a matter of time....he wiill soon be TOTALLY black! He comes from a very strong motherline (the Plantinga-line mareline 8): His grand-grandmother is Knilleske model + preferent who has 10 (really, 10 STAR offspring out of 1 mare!!!!!!) ster offspring! She has 8 daughters, who all became ster (first 2 are now already preferent!) and 2 of her sons became star too. Her first ster daughter, Berbertsje, is the mother of the Approved stallion, Sierk 326, she also had Doaitske ster ----who became champion at the fokdag ‘Ta it Bihald’ 1996 (see pictures at the story about mareline 8 above).
The breeder of this colt’s mother started breeding with the second daughter of Knilleske: Dieuwerke (ster + preferent) and already bred a lot first premium foals and star mares out of this line, which means that it’s a very good line!!!!
Zorro is from stam line 8. This is the same line that produced the approved stallion, Sierk, of course.
Zorro's halfbrother from 2006 was Vince H. (Tsjalke x Goffert) and he was first premium too. We imported Vince and sold him for a high price last year. Zorro comes from an EXCEPTIONAL motheline that is producing TOP offspring, with a history of producing multiple STER offspring, and lots of 1st premies along the way:)
stb – ster – ster+preferent – model+preferent – ster+preferent – ster+preferent - model
1st Premie colts are HARD TO FIND!!!!

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