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Rik 396
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 15.3

Jorn is a happy horse, playful like a puppy and eager to learn. We are VERY excited to have this long haired fairytale looking boy be part of our BSF family. Jorn had exceptional scores in both riding AND driving on his ABFP test...both totals were 70.5!!!

Born : 3-24-2003
Rik x Jurjen x Meindert xRitske
Motherline: Stb- Ster -Model+Pref - Model +Pref
Height: 161 cm and still growing:)
LOW 1.76% in breeding!!

Jorn is one of the most talented young dressage Friesians we have seen recently. Just check out his super extended trot---- this 4 1/2 yr old has great reach! Jorn's leg yields and counter canter are excellent. This young gelding has ideal conformation.... he is built very uphill with a strong, short coupled back. Most importantly, he also has the talent and work ethic to go all the way.

Jorn is very tolerant of beginning riders giving him the wrong signals or cues.  He is not disturbed by a rider that flops around a bit in the saddle---he does his job, despite the rider, and is unbothered by it all--a GREAT  unflappable easy going boy suitable for a beginner rider!

  Jorn is very light in his movement, and light in his contact.
We love Jorn's personality-- he is priceless.

Jorn is a trooper out on trails and unbothered by most anything that arises.

He is exceptional in EVERY way. On his linear score sheet, the Dutch Judges gave him a "7" for type, "7" for build, and a "7" for his  reaching trot.  On his ABFP test, he was equally strong at riding AND driving, scoring a resounding 70.5 for BOTH.

Jorn is a true beauty, with long thick hair, plush poodle feathering, clean x-rays, and not only is he super easy to ride......he is also an EXCELLENT driving horse!!!!

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