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Fridse 423
Friesian Sire


Remmelt 323
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description


This is a stunningly beautiful daughter of Fridse 423.

Fridse is a new young stallion by the late great Teunis, out of a Star mare with another approved son: Bente 412!!! Fridse has EXCEPTIONALLY good test scores -and is one of the hot new young studs in Holland.

Victoria's dam's sire is Remmelt 323. Remmelt is by the "Hair Man", Oege Preferent, and Remmelt sires jet black offspring with excellent LONG manes and tails. His offspring are known for their very sweet characters, and willingness to please.

The mother of this filly is a ster mare by Remmelt, the dressage stallion who produce horses with the Oege look (meaning.....a lot of hair!). Victoria has 4 sisters.... The oldest is Ouke, a 7 year old by Nanning, who became the overall champion in Vrouwenpolder with a 1st premie!!!! She also did a very good ABFP test and had the highest points of the whole year!!! Ouke measures 16.2 hands TALL!!! Another sister is Emma (by Feitse) who is also star and did a very good ABFP test with more than 80 points, and she, too, was also the best in the test for that year. The 3rd sister is a three year old mare by Karel who will be tried for STAR this year. The 4th sister is a two year old mare by Olof who looks very very good. As you can see, Victoria has an important family:)

We think Victoria will become a VERY good sporthorse in the future!

Victoria's birthday is May 1, 2006

She has a low 2.54% in breeding:) This Fridse X Remmelt filly comes from stam Line 25, 10th generation.
This is one of THE MOST productive stam lines that exist!!! It has produced MANY MANY approved stallions, including:
ulrig 204
jarich 226
tieme 230
wybren 236
ewoud 250
marko 262
markes 265
arent 283
falke 291
sibald 380
mintse 384
winand 25
wisse 408
and hinne 427

Victoria's sire is 16.3 hands and Remmelt, her dam's sire, is 16.1 1/2 hands, we thus suspect Victoria will mature well OVER 16 hands!! And Victoria is sure to have TONS of hair, she has Oege Preferent, the "hair" man, in her motherline:)

Please let us know if you wish to come to our San Francisco Stable and visit this striking imported Friesian filly!! Victoria IS A GREAT VALUE:)
Come check her out:)
This is truly a one of a kind OUTSTANDING friesian mare!!

And no, I am not a BROWN friesian silly!!! My coat has henna highlights from me sunbathing all day in the sunny pastures at BSF.

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