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Nanno 372
Friesian Sire


Reitse 272
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1
Cesar is one rare 7 yr old friesian gelding.... he is the horse the man is standing on, in the new friesian movie, frieseparels, whereby a man stands on two friesians while driving two others in front [unicorn style]!! In fact, Cesar was used to obtain the WORLD RECORD of one man single handedly driving a line of 14 friesian horses in one line. And in a show featured through out the Netherlands, Cesar was a wonderful exhibition horse and part of a show group for several years.
BSF is very proud to offer this experienced exhibition/show horse.
We had Cesar recently vetted and x-rayed, and he is 100%. This boy LIKES to work and he is an excellent riding AND driving horse. He is the kindest, sweetest, most willing partner you can imagine. Cesar is our EXPERIENCED horse, he spooks at nothing, and will take you ANYWHERE, in high fashion. He has certainly been in a lot of scarey situations in exhibitions and shows, with loud crowds and smoke, and nothing fazes Cesar! His movement and conformation are ideal. He has 3 wonderful gaits, and dressage riders-you will like how comfortable Cesar is to sit. Our dressage trainer, Barend, LOVES Cesar, which says a lot. He thinks Cesar could easily be an FEI horse--he is THAT good, and such a talented mover! If you are looking for a reasonably priced friesian sporthorse that truly has the talent to go all the way, you need to come ride Cesar.
We like his uphill conformation, his shiny coat, and his WONDERFUL disposition. Cesar has no vices whatsoever, and would be an ideal choice for a student just learning dressage, or ambitious amateur adult, due to his willingness to please, and vast experience in a multitude of settings. He will also make the competitive dressage rider happy, as he goes in a very nice frame, and really tracks up well, with space and tact, and perfect rhythm to his gaits. In fact, our dressage trainer thinks Cesar can very easily show Z level RIGHT NOW. He is in LOVE with this horse, and does Flying Changes with Cesar almost daily!!! If you want a horse that can really move up the levels quickly, Cesar is an excellent choice. He is a GOOD one!
This is an exceptionaly nice 7 yr old gelding with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam and clean x-rays, and Cesar has just arrived at our barn in San Francisco.
If not sold beforehand, watch for Cesar at the IFSHA National Championships....we think HE is the one to beat in 2nd or 3rd Level Dressage!!
Price will likely increase as he accumulates National Championships......

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