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Sjaard 320
Friesian Sire


Meier 307

Horse Description

Full Papered [unbroken STER predicates in the motherline] fillies are HARD to find.
And reasonably priced full papered fillies are even MORE difficult:(

Here is a super moving filly WITH great blood lines!!!!! She has very straight legs and good conformation. Based on the heights of her parents, Yasmin will mature OVER 16 hands.
If you are looking or a tremendous dressage prospect, and a mare that is likely to become a full papered STER mare, Yasmin is a GREAT choice! And she is a super price, to boot:)

Yasmin is a WOW kind of filly, she is elegant, charming, has personality plus, a nice bod, long legs, is tall, has a swan neck, a chiseled face, and tons and tons of presence! Wherever she goes, people can't stop looking at her.
She is a jaw dropper, and a one of a kind ster mare candidate!! Yasmin is now losing her mousy foal coat and has the looks of a little toyhorse...she is sweet and compliant and easy to handle. Don't be fooled, though, she can move like quicksilver, she is so elastic you cannot see her change from trot to canter .....she moves so easily and effortlessly!

Registered as Yasmijn van de Adrianushoeve
Born 18th of February, 2007

LOW 2.93% in-breeding

UNBROKEN STER predicates in her motherline:

Stam line 103 full papered and imported filly, 7th generation. This is a very productive line that has produced MANY Approved stallions, such as:
Hotse 223
Liekele 364
Jelte 365
Tsjitse 387
Teade 392
Tonis 393
Botte 414
and Arjen 417.
Out of a a star mare with full paper!!!!

Sjaard x Meier
The owner in Holland did not take her to the keuring, thus she was registered without being judged for a premie

Don't miss out on this full pedigree friesian filly!!!!!


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