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Numero UNO


Jasper 366
Friesian Sire


Fetse 349
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description


Uno is a brother to our 2nd level dressage national champion, Ate. His daddy is the INCREDIBLE Approved stallion, Jasper, who we think is well on his way to being our next PREFERENT Approved stallion. And Uno is out of a Fetse STER mare, and sports an impeccable "full pedigree" with unbroken STER predicates in his motherline. In fact, his grandma is a MODEL mare, Gr Grandmother is STER +Pref, and Gr Gr Grandmother is MODEL+PREF. Whew...this boy is loaded with STERS, and PREFERENTS, and MODELS all throughout his papers!!!
Born 5/15/06, this stallion candidate has a 4.69% in breeding, making him an excellent stallion to be used for breeding in the future.

Uno has really amazing movement!!!!!!!!!! !!!

This is a great opportunity to purchase a fabulous 2006 Jasper stallion with good conformation and long legs. Uno is a great mover and has lots of presence. He has a sweet, easygoing and curious temperament. Check out his noble and chiseled head, and long swan neck.
Sire Jasper (on the road to preferent) is a son of the Olof, who also produces lots of ster offspring and elegant Friesians with nice trots and canters. This GREAT colt is really amazing with his individual quality and the number of preferents (proven producers) on both sides of his pedigree.

 Let Uno be your King of Hearts and he is a GREAT dressage and stallion candidate prospect.

Stam line 78, 9th generation
This is the SAME line that these Approved stallions came from.....
Jetse 225
Nammen 308
the recently deceased Goffert 369
and Tjesse 400

Uno has ARRIVED FROM EUROPE, and is at our barn in Sonoma, Ca!!!

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