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Tsjitse 387
Friesian Sire


Pike 316
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.3
BSF is very proud to present this nice looking 4 yr old gelding 4 with a LONG mane, and very very easy to ride, AND not lazy !! Looking for a petite sized friesian that is FRIENDLY, SWEET, GOOD LOOKING, with a NICE CANTER???? Look no further!!
Low 3.71% in breeding
Tsjitte x Pike x Obe x Peke
And he has good x-rays and a recent thorough pre-purchase:)
Jannes is an exceptional forward moving Friesian with very long hair. His movement is exceptional, and he is everyone's favorite in the barn---he is playful, and has a beautiful head, and incredibly friendly nature. Anyone can bounce on Janne's back, he is tolerant of beginners and timid novice riders.
br> Yet Jannes is NOT lazy:) This baroque boy is EASY for a novice to ride AND he has clean X-rays. Jannes completed the ABFP test with excellent scores AND he is trained to drive. Come take Jannes for a ride, and you will note his elegant strides, correct movement to excel in dressage, and his willingness to go forward--a MUST for the competitive dressage rider. If you take dressage serious, then Jannes is a good choice--this is not a lazy friesian!
He has the baroque Friesian look with energy, stamina, and he moves easily off your leg.
Best of all, Jannes's canter and trot are so easy to sit --he is a nice horse for those of you with backs that get sore easily. His super sensitive and intelligent personality makes him responsive and willing to learn, AND he is a really fun horse to work with on the ground. Having this horse in your barn is truly a pleasure.
Jannes possesses a lot of character and personality – he’s everyone’s favorite in our barn because of his friendly, sweet disposition.
Jannes is very easy to ride, a forward moving gelding with an exceptionally good canter. We bought him from his first and ONLY owner ....she would never have sold him, but she had no place for Jannes to live after her relationship broke up.
Jannes is a gorgeous, LONG haired, reasonably priced, imported friesian gelding with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam and clean x-rays.
Could Jannes be YOUR dream horse??

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