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Teunis 332
Friesian Sire


Peke 268
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 17.0

Just take a look at Jolene's beautiful face and long swan neck, and long legs, full feathering, long voluminous tail---she is truly a site to behold. This 7 yr old full papered mare has a lovely character, she is sweet, has a tremendous willingness to work, and she is a proven good mother. She has spent her life as a family horse and she is thus used to critters, dogs and adoring 4 and 6 yr old children. She is wonderful on trails and pleasure riding and driving. If you are looking for a tall, well bred imported sweet mare, suitable for youth, but has the smarts and talent to accept your challenge as an adult for riding or driving, Jolene is for YOU. This mare has lots of class and personality, and a pedigreee that is 2nd to none!! She is very easy to get along with, and she is quite a good mother. She has had two phenomenal foals and she is easy to get pregnant and has easy deliveries. Her father, Teunis, was known for the powerful walk and movement of his foals, as well as HEIGHT, and Teunis died too young--thus his offspring are a WANTED item. Jolene has those traits as well. She moves quite well and gets along well with humans and the other horses at our farm.

This mare has lots of style and forward movement. She is a fabulous mother and watches her foal carefully, while accepting all the attention one wishes to give the foal. She is quite easy to handle and gets along with everyone, she is not marish at all. She is quite refined and lady-like.

Here's a FANTASTIC family mare for you! She is the sweetest lady in our barn---and did we mention the TALLEST?!? . She possess that classy, noble Friesian nature with the warmth of a family member. Jolene is fabulous to both ride AND drive. We can honestly say ANYONE can ride/drive her, she is easy, and we have never seen her spook.
Jolene is honest, willing and a pleasure to work with. AND she is a wonderful mother. She's loving and protective and has beautiful foals. Looking for a proven producer that is experienced and mature??? This 7 yr old likes road/trail rides and can take you in style---both in harness and riding english or western. She is of the sporty build with nice conformation, and even tho she is tall, her her gaits are easy to sit! She just missed making ster at the keuring ...... get this, the Dutch Judges said because of her height! Jolene has the potential to be a good dressage prospect, she is built for dressage. With her calm nature and versatility.... she has no limits.

Jolene has a low inbreeding of 4.49%. Her motherline is STER-STER-MODEL+PREF-STER. Her birthday is 4/16/2000. Reg# 200016660.
The registered name of this Teunis mare is Brechtsje fan stal Redia. She was born in april, 2000 and was imported from the Netherlands. She has a full paper and has a highly respectable six generations of stars in her dam's line; her brother by Jasper went through the 70 day stallion testing this spring. Jolene is out the same motherline as the approved stallio, Wander!!
Jolene has the best character you can find and is the friendliest horse we have ever had. She has had 2 colts, last year she had a Sibald colt.
Jolene is well trained under saddle, and in front of the wagon. She is a true family horse. In short, Jolene is a very impressive horse with MUCH experience as a familly horse, used frequently for riding and driving, and very suitable for dressage. This mare is at the perfect age, a seasoned mother, well trained for harness and saddle, anyone can ride her......
Jolene was imported from europe and she is out of stam line 46, 9th generation, This line also produced the approved stallions, hylke 186, bjinse 241, hannes 296, and the long haired american boy, wander 352! Her brother by Jasper, Jorrit fan Stal Redia, made it all the way to the final testing in Drachten!! This gorgeous tall Teunis daughter has 6 generations of ster or model in her paper!! And she is very well trained to ride and pull a buggy:) She has had two foals thus far:
Nico, born in 2004 and sired by Pilgrim, and
Victor, born in 2005, sired by Sibald. Jolene is up to date on all her vaccinations and wormings and has been used in parades and thoroughly enjoyed by a lovely Dutch family. She received "7's" for breed type, build, and legwork on her linear score sheet at the keuring----VERY close to making STER for such good scores!!!
She comes with a brand new pre purchase exam. A VERY NICE PRICE on a NICE mare! What more can you ask for with this beautiful tall full pedigree 7 yr old lady??
Let Jolene take you for a ride or drive at our San Francisco Stable!!

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