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Heinse 354
Friesian Sire


Jelmer 297
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

This 1st premie boy is a VERY talented dressage horse, with FAIRYTALE looks!!! He has a forelock down to his nose, 2 1/2 ft of BEAUTIFUL long mane, and a jet black coat. Taling has a low 2.34% inbreeding, and is an older, more experienced horse that has successfully been competing and accruing points on the dressage circuit, as well as going for the occassional hack or trail ride.
We can't tell you how HARD it is to find 7 yr old geldings, with clean vet reports, that are scoring above 65% consistently in First Level dressage....and Taling has it all. He is schooling 2nd level, competing at 1st level, and more importantly, has the temperament that is kind, willing, and gentle...making him appropriate for a novice or beginner, yet he is talented enough for an ambitious competitive dressage rider.
Looking for a CDE driving horse???? Taling is also a wonderful driving horse.
This gorgeous FEI talent is currently successful in the show ring, but that is not all..... Taling is a powerful yet elegant mover, with 3 great gaits, and a good training attitude. Taling measures just under 16 hands. Taling is easy to get along with, comfortable to ride and very well-behaved. He enjoys getting attention, and loves being around people.
If you are looking for an older, mature gelding, with a true stallion-like appearance, a coal black coat, and 8 points in First Level competition, PROVING his true training level, then Taling is for you!

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