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Wilco P


Gradus 356
Friesian Sire


Pike 316
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Wilco is a unique athletic gentle giant. He is one of our most intelligent and trainable Friesians; he is open to all levels of training and very attentive to his rider or driver. He has a calm and tolerant temperament that is great for an inexperienced rider, and allows them to gain confidence. He is able to perform in all types of disciplines without becoming unsound, and to top it off, he has a GREAT personality. Wilco represents the classic Friesian beauty and movement, along with a strong intellect and willing mind. One of the most appealing aspect of Wilco is his loving personality and his huge heart...this horse is willing to give 110% or more for the rider that loves him.
This stunning gelding is a good example of good form .....to exceptional function. Wilco has very correct conformation, and this has translated into long term soundness and solid performance. He has good uphill balance, a powerful hind end, and free elastic movement of the forelimbs. Wilco is a very versatile gelding, with experience in a multitude of disciplines, being shown under saddle, pulling a carriage, and being ridden cross country. He is a delight to drive both as a single and in pairs, and most recently Wilco has been competing at Training Level and First Level, and as usual for him, EXCELLING under saddle. He also has extensive experience out on the trails, in traffic, and in spooky situations, and Wilco does not flinch. He is a true steady eddy and is absolutely suitable for a true novice or timid rider.
Wilco was featured in a show at the Spanish Riding School in Holland, where he wowed the crowds under saddle one day, and in carriage the next!! Showing off in front of 6000 people, with loud music and flags flapping in the wind is testament to Wilco's unwavering temperament. You can TRUST Wilco in ANY setting.
Wilco is the ultimate versatile Friesian horse with great conformation, agility and a wonderful disposition. He will be successful in whatever discipline you choose for him, as he is the kind of horse that lives to PLEASE his rider/driver.

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