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Aan 416
Friesian Sire


Jasper 366
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16 1/2 hand

This beautiful 3rd level dressage friesian with very long long long hair, and confirmed FLYING CHANGES, is one heck of a RARE FIND! 

Tinus has truly been loved and cherished his whole life. Check out the mane on this storybook friesian....it is over 1 meter long, we measured it!!! We love his beautiful head and nice BIG tail. Tinus is uncomplicated and very easy to ride. Ideal for riders or those that need a horse that is SMOOTH and easy to sit. He stands 16.1/2 HANDS tall, and has three fluid gaits. Great things come in shiny blue/black packages--check out the expression and drop dead gorgeous looks on this 10 yr old BOY!!!!! His talent in dressage is indisputable. He HAS competed successfully  at Z dressage, and now has 5 points in 3rd level and has just earned the highly coveted SPORT predicate, AND he learned the flying changes in only two weeks!!! He is one special boy indeed! The SPORT predicate is excellent 3rd party verification of his dressage show record--- he HAS to be scoring above 65% in Z1 level, as he has quickly accrued winning points which are proof of his upper level dressage capabilities AND he is just so SMOOTH to sit. We love his canter--it is a ''10''!!!

This incredible amazing and talented Friesian just won't last... If you are looking for LONG hair, and a partner with an excellent character and temperament, Tinus is for you. And he is IMPRESSIVE--- looking for a  friesian with flying changes and appropriate  for novices?  GOOD LUCK--- VERY hard to find! 


We have fallen head over heels in love with THIS boy!! What an incredible schoolmaster!  IDEAL for most levels of riders--AND will step up and help you acquire your gold USDF medal, if you so choose!!


His father is Aan 416, his mother's sire is JASPER 366 SPORT ELITE PREF—the most famous  approved  GRAND PRIX Friesian stallion of all time.  This breath-taking boy has an impeccable pedigree. He stems from very good bloodline of friesian sport horses. And he comes with a thorough pre-purchase and clinical x-rays available for review with your vet. His birthday is 4/14/14.


This beautiful horse is elastic, intelligent, FORWARD, hard working, and extremely athletic. He can go all the way up the levels, and is the kind of friesian that has no limits. He has a sweet personality, loves to work, loves being outside, and has the looks that would make him a stand out in parades, exhibitions, and shows. Want to have the most spectacular looking trail horse in the world?? Here he is!!  Easy to ride  definitely describes this boy,  AND he would make a spectacular English or western pleasure horse--- AND he has MUCH experience in shows and competitions, AND on long trail rides.

Tinus has a gorgeous head, a kind eye, and a wonderful work ethic. He has loads of hock articulation and is really an elegant mover. You can see why this boy has excelled in dressage,--he is built for perfection with uphill conformation. Tinus is a lovely horse - he loves people and attention. We hope his new owner has a lot time to spend with him and gives him much attention and love, this boy DESERVES it!! He has a wonderful personality and get the beauty parlor ready for all that hair!

164 cm tall (16.1/2 hands). This is a real once in a lifetime horse. He is cuddly and a real stunner! In short, Tinus is:

*A Wonderful breathtaking gelding 

*Good pedigree 

*165cm and short back very good to sit 

*Not spooky 

*Travels easily in trailer, super to load

*Trail experienced

*Very good temperament, not hot and not slow 

*Wants to please 

*Tons of hair,  till his knees and a braid on each side of hisneck! 

*Big tail 

*Does the flying changes 

*Sport predicate in his pocket 

*Real photo model horse 

*Has gone to lots of competitions with a very amateur girl rider

*Good recent X-rays 

*Big walk, nice trot and canter 

* Appropriate for anyone, a child or grandma, who wants a wonderful horse


Don't miss this one of a kind fairytale dreamboat that has much experience ---NOT MANY friesians on the market today have flying changes--- this one does!!  AND is just as suitable as your fairytale boy to keep at home and just love riding, and showing off ----:)

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