Hidde G - FOR SALE

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Hidde G


Julius 486
Friesian Sire


Sjaard 320
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

Breathtaking Black Friesian 16.3 hand Dressage Gelding for Sale! 

Looking for your next equine partner? Meet our impressive tall gentleman, a real Ferrari in the horse world! At 6 years old, with a proud lineage tracing back to his sire, the GRAND PRIX superstar Julius 486 SPORT-ELITE AAA, this majestic 170cm beauty is now available for a fortunate owner ONLY at Black Sterling.

Here's what makes him extraordinary:

  • Sport horse with top-notch quality. Just LOOK at his pictures.
  • Light on aids and eager to work, he's a joy to ride.
  • Built very uphill build, ensuring a comfortable and balanced ride.
  • Known as the fairytale horse in our barn, with impeccable behavior.
  • Good gaits that'll make you feel like you're floating.
  • Versatile enough for driving, with experience as a single AND in 2, 3, and 4 in hand for carriage.
  • Ready for 3rd level dressage (check out the video!).
  • A ripe age of 6 years, offering the perfect blend of maturity and potential.
  • Quality exudes from every stride, making him a future star.
  • Ideal for upper-level dressage or adventurous trails--as he is EXPERIENCED, he's ready to be your ultimate riding companion.

Don't miss the chance to own this exceptional horse with boundless potential. Contact us today at 415-272-2112 and make your equestrian dreams a reality!


This gorgeous jet black TALL friesian dressage and trail riding gelding for sale is $42,900 delivered to JFK with full set of recent radiographs (all 1's which is near perfect!!) and thorough pre purchase exam; delivery to Miami, Chicago and LAX are $2800 more. 

Buying Price:


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