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Tsjerk 328
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Introducing Kenzo, a stunning Barock Pinto gelding for sale (that LOOKS like a stallion!) with the charm of a photomodel and the grace and temperament of a true Friesian. At 4 years old and standing at a regal 165cm (16.1 hands), Kenzo is a sight to behold, boasting a majestic presence with a big thick neck, long mane, and a beautiful black and white tail that catches every eye.

With 50% Friesian blood coursing through his veins, Kenzo is bred for excellence, and it shows in his performance. He's already making waves in the dressage world, having been started in L2 level (1st-2nd Level) with points earned just last week for his high scores. But his talents extend beyond the arena; Kenzo is equally adept at riding outside, whether it's leisurely trails or intense workouts.

What sets Kenzo apart is not just his beauty, but his sweet and gentle nature. He's a kind soul with a friendly demeanor, always up for cuddles and affection. And when it comes to riding, his smooth gaits make every journey a pleasure. Whether you're an experienced rider looking for a partner to take to higher levels or a less experienced rider seeking a reliable mount, Kenzo fits the bill.

Bday: May 13, 2020; 0% inbreeding. Kenzo is ut of a purebred friesian mare sired by Tsjerk 328 PREF SPORT an sired by the famous warmblood stallion, Ceasar ter Lindon.

Rest assured, Kenzo comes with a clean bill of health, boasting good X-rays taken Nov 10. 2023, and available for review with your vet; and a temperament that's neither too hot nor too slow. He's the perfect balance of spirit and serenity, making him suitable for a wide range of riders.

If you're in search of a horse that's not just a riding companion but a true friend, look no further than Kenzo. Contact us today at 415-272-2112 for details and discover the beauty and potential of this remarkable baroque pinto dressage gelding for sale.

Kenzo really LOOKS like a stallion with his breath-taking appearance and BIG neck amd upright conformation. We LOVE his combination black and white mane and tail!  We have had Kenzo since he was a foal---so not your typical sale horse that has been passed around. AND registered in the GOLD STANARD registry for pintos... the Barockpinto Studbook. 


Kenzo is not only good at dressage, he is experienced with riding outside in new settings, and is a good worker and QUICK learner! What a sweet, gentle, kind boy. He has three VERY good gaits and is EASY to sit (take note, for those of you with lower back issues---watch how SMOOTH Kenzo is to sit, in his vids above. 


Kenzo has a beautiful head and friendly eyes, and did we mention----he loves cuddling!


Kenzo is suitable for most levels of riders, due to his forgiving temperament, while he also has potential to move up the ranks easily, and has potential for  higher levels of dressage. Kenzo is a good choice for riders with little experience, as well as those that want a cross bred sporthorse for sale that has the talent to go all the way in the discipline of their choice. 

Kenzo is $41,900 delivered to JFK; LAX, Chicago and Miami delivery are just $2800 more.

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