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Michiel 442
Friesian Sire


Aan 416
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Looking for a remarkable equine companion? Meet ASHER, a captivating 8 yr old 16.1 hand Friesian gelding that exudes elegance and charm. With a strikingly beautiful head framed by a thick, luxurious mane, Ash is a sight to behold. His well-proportioned physique, featuring a prominent neck and a very correct topline, showcases his correctness and strength. Bred by the renowned ‘Fan de Klaster’ farm under the meticulous eye of Obe Mous, a respected figure in the KFPS studbook who measures horses for the KFPS, Asher boasts an impressive lineage. His FULL pedigree boasts a lineage rich in SPORT blood, promising both beauty and performance. His mother is a ster mare by the approved stallion Aan 416, followed by a Preferent mare, next another ster mare and then a ster preferent mare.


Asher himself is a testament to his heritage, having attained the L2 dressage level with 2 winning points with finesse (he is 1st level, training 2nd level dressage). Yet, beyond his accomplishments, Ash's true essence lies in his gentle nature and unwavering willingness to please. Approach him in the stable, and you'll be greeted by a friendly demeanor brimming with anticipation. Patient and serene, he effortlessly enjoys grooming, braiding, washing, and tacking up, making every interaction a joy. Asher is one of the MOST people oriented friesians in the stable!


Under saddle, he shines brightly, responding eagerly to the lightest cues. He moves with grace and fluidity, demonstrating proficiency in maneuvers like leg-yielding and shoulder-ins. His innate talent for dressage shines through, offering a glimpse of his boundless potential to move up the levels. Yet, amidst his prowess, Asher remains a steadfast companion, providing a sense of security and reliability, especially in traffic. AND he LOVES going on trail rides---watch the above video of Asher (Alee) driving AND riding through the forest!


Before we bought Asher, he was at a stable with 2 other horses. The lady that owned him  didn't have much time, and she recognized Asher’s potential for dressage, so she contacted us.  He was used by her extensively for her recreation and trail rides prior to us purchasing him.  After we bought him, we put him in training with one of the best Grand Prix dressage riders in the NL, and he very quickly learned training level, 1st level, and is now training 2nd level.  Bennie, the GP rider, competed him in L2 dressage, comparable to our 1-2nd level, with scores in high 60’s-70’s.  We are  most impressed by him because if his suitability for most any level rider. 


What sets him apart is not just his skill, but his innate ability to connect with riders of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a novice seeking confidence in the saddle, Ash's patient demeanor and unwavering dedication make him the ideal partner. Due to his excellent temperament, the 8 yr old friesian gelding for sale,  Asher, is also a good match for a more beginning or insecure rider. With Asher by your side, you're not just gaining a horse, but a friend for life. Xrays available for review with your vet. 


Don't miss the opportunity to welcome this extraordinary equine into your world. Asher is $37,900 delivered to JFK.  LAX and Chicago are $2800 more.

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