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Wimer 461
Friesian Sire


Harmen 424
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

In the quaint countryside of the very northern tip of the Netherlands, there stands a majestic Friesian horse named Neely, jet black as the midnight sky. At 16.3 hands tall, he possesses a commanding presence, his sleek coat glistening under the gentle sunlight. Neely is not just any horse; he is a beacon of beauty and grace, a true embodiment of equine elegance. And Neely is NOW AVAILABLE for your consideration.

Despite his striking appearance and impeccable lineage, Neely found himself in search of a new home. His owner, recognizing his potential, had made the difficult decision to part ways with him, seeking a loving companion who could appreciate his remarkable qualities. We recognized his remarkable attributes, and acquired this special sporthorse for sale---most impressed by his GOOD THINKING mind, and sweet temperament. Neely spent the last 6 mos training with an adult amateur 1st level rider, who showed him the ropes of dressage, and cleaned up with Neely in 1st level competitions. We have been preparing Neely with a wonderful dressage foundation, so that he may flourish in his new forever home!

Described as a "Swan Neck" beauty with drop-dead gorgeous classical baroque looks, he is indeed a handsome boy, capturing the hearts of all who lay eyes upon him. Standing at a towering 170cm (which is 16.3 hands) he commands attention with every step, his presence exudes a sense of regal poise.

Neely is naturally jet black, and we love his muscular neck and he has one of those tails that sway with effortless grace. Neely possesses stallion looks that turn heads wherever he goes.

Yet, despite his impressive appearance, Neely is gentle and kind-hearted, his friendly demeanor endearing him to all who cross his path. See the photo above of the adult amateur successfully showing Neely recently. "Neely" means "Champion" .

Neely's talents extend beyond his captivating looks. At just four years old, he has already begun his journey into the world of dressage, showcasing his skills at first level with winning points to his name. With an amateur rider at his helm, he has achieved scores of over 65%, a testament to his natural talent and willingness to please.

Born from a full motherline boasting unbroken ster predicates, Neely's lineage is impeccable. Sired by the renowned Wimer 461 and out of a STER mare by Harmen 424, he is destined for greatness. Neely is not just a show horse; he is a versatile companion, equally at ease on the trails as he is in the dressage arena. Experienced already at his age in everything from competitions to forest adventures and even wading through serene waters, he has proven himself to be a reliable partner, his bravery and calm demeanor shining through in every situation.

Under the guidance of our dear friend Iris, an amateur rider nearing her sixtieth year, Neely has flourished over the past six months. Together, they have embarked on countless adventures, honing skills and forging a deep bond rooted in trust and mutual respect, making Neely ready for his new forever home, for an amateur, like Iris, or a family, that just wants to pleasure and trail ride and do a little dressage. Neely has been a gelding for over 6 mos, and gets along well with all other horses in the pasture.

With a full set of X-rays showcasing flawless results and a clean bill of health from the vet, Neely is the epitome of safety and reliability. His smooth gaits, lightness in hand, and uphill canter make him a joy to ride, while his gentle nature and affinity for human companionship endear him to all who cross his path.

For this jet-black Friesian horse named Neely is not just a horse; he is a true gem, a rare find destined to bring joy and companionship to whoever is lucky enough to call him their own!

Neely is $39,900 delivered to JFK. LAX and Chicago are $2800 more.

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