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Friesian Sire


Tsjalke 397
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 17 hands

Meet Amarone, an extraordinary 7-year-old Friesian SPORT gelding for sale with a flair for dressage! This impressive gentleman boasts an impeccable pedigree with unbroken STER predicates in his motherline (STER-Preferent-Ster+Pref-MODEL) and stands 17 hands tall with an aura of elegance.

With his striking appearance and graceful movements, he's sure to turn heads wherever he goes.

Amarone is currently performing at 3rd level dressage, showcasing his talent and potential in the arena. He has acquired 10 points in Z1 Dressage (which is equivalent to our 3rd level without changes)--- and has EXCELLENT third party verification of his talent in the dressage show arena, as witnessed by numerous dutch licensed dressage Judges.

His uphill build and breathtaking presence make him a true fairytale horse, embodying the beauty and grace of the Friesian breed.

Beyond his stunning appearance, Amarone is known for his impeccable behavior and good manners. He's a pleasure to handle both on the ground and under saddle, making him suitable for riders of various skill levels.

With his excellent gaits and good breeding lines, it's no surprise that Amarone comes from esteemed lineage. His father, the famous Uldrik, is renowned for his incredible hair and impressive performance record, passing on his exceptional qualities to his offspring, Amarone SPORT.

Take note: If you are looking for a drive off the show room and into the showring, READY---Amarone is an excellent choice for YOU!!! Amarone has already achieved notable success in his career, earning the SPORT predicate for his success and consistently high scores at 3rd level with different riders. His highly coveted sport predicate and quality performance make him a valuable asset for any rider looking to excel in the dressage arena.

At the age of 7, Amarone is at the perfect stage of maturity, combining youthful energy with a solid foundation of training. Whether you're looking for a dressage partner to compete with or a companion for leisurely trails to safely trailer to BY YOURSELF, he is sure to exceed your expectations.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional Friesian dressage fairytale looking gelding. Amarone is the epitome of a quality horse, ready to embark on new adventures with his lucky owner. Contact us today and let us know whether you prefer he fly into JFK, Chicago or LAX (Lax and Chicago are $2311 more). Prepare to experience his charm firsthand! You won't belive this fella's super long hair....... 1.5 meters, its to his knees, and his mega Big tail---he has the looks of a REAL fairytale horse!

And did we mention IMPRESSIVE?!? Very tall boy---17 hands!!

Ideal age:7 years old

Very good pedigree!

Sport predicate,  3rd  level with 10 points (with 2 different riders!).

GREAT for dressage or trails. 

Good behavior in mutiple situations. 

Also showed 1st level with a lower level rider.  


Such a special horse.... Recent xrays (22 views taken Dec 2023) available for review with your vet as well as a brand new thorough physical exam with flexion testing and lameness exam completed on Jan 4, 2024, just call Janna 415-272-2112.


Amarone Sport is $51,900 delivered to JFK; LAX and Chicago are $2782 more.

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