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Aan 416
Friesian Sire


Nanno 372
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Flint is not just another horse; he's a remarkable companion waiting to enhance your equestrian journey. This strongly built Friesian gelding boasts an honest character that shines through in every interaction. With Flint, you're not just getting a horse, but a loyal friend. I cannot tell you how many requests we get for REASONABLY priced thoroughly vetted and xrayed, EXPERIENCED (Flint is 7 yrs old!) Friesian geldings  for sale, just like Flint, in HIS price bracket!  This boy WILL NOT LAST!

He will walk through fire for YOU, and is just a dream BOTH riding and driving out in the wild blue yonder!  Watch the video of him driving whereby he  goes through obstacles and then has a huge blue tarp  dropped and waved all over his body, covering his head so he cannot see, WHILE he is hooked to a cart!?!  How many horses, or people for that matter, would stand still for that?!?  Flint is a GEM!

Talk about a horse that is BOTH Sweet & Friendly..... Flint's demeanor is as sweet as can be. He welcomes attention and companionship with open hooves. He is one of the sweetest, friendliest Friesian geldings ANYWHERE.  Watch him just stand in the barn aisle, no cross ties or lead rope, for “his human”, while he is clipped, and hooves painted, etc.


He is easy to handle: Whether it's brushing, clipping, washing, or saddling, Flint makes every grooming session a breeze.

This fella has excellent Manners: Flint gets along famously with other horses and behaves impeccably in any setting.

We love the fact that he is sooo well behaved but also NOT lazy. Flint is a Willing Worker. He possesses a genuine eagerness to work. His three good gaits showcase his enthusiasm for every task.


And for those of you looking for a Smooth Ride: Flint's well-balanced gaits ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride for any level of rider.

He is Responsive to Aids and  responds promptly to your legs and cues, making communication between horse and rider seamless.

Flint is currently going 1st Level Dressage and he is certainly Suitable for Competition. With his exceptional work ethic, Flint is primed to excel in competitive arenas.

Flint’s Health & Appearance is 100%---he is sound and healthy—never been lame and never had any health issues whatsoever. All our horses are Thoroughly Vetted. Flint's health is a top priority. He has undergone comprehensive X-rays, including his back and neck, available for review with your own vet.

Don’t miss this reasonably priced dressage Friesian gelding for sale, that is EXCELLENT out on the trails.  His Looks will captivate you, but we know your heart will be STOLEN by his sweet, honest appearance and character:), Flint captivates attention wherever he goes.


  • Contact Information: For more information call Janna at 415-272-2112.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome Flint into your stable. With his exceptional qualities and undeniable charm, he's the perfect equine partner for your riding adventures. Call today to make Flint a part of your equestrian family!

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