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Alwin 469
Friesian Sire


Thomas 327
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Meet LES, a magnificent 6-year-old tall Friesian dressage gelding for sale standing at an impressive 16.1 hands, sired by one of our FAVORITE Approved stallions: Alwin 469 SPORT AAA, and sire of this years WORLD GRAND CHAMPION at the Stallion Show, who has not one, but THREE approved sons and was recently imported to the U.S. for our friends at Miley Friesians:)  Les's ster A dam is sired by Thomas 327--a very well respected approved stallion that died in a tragic accident WAY too young, and Les's pedigree is  chaulk FULL of ster predicates: STER A-STER-PREF-STER-PREF-STER-PREF-PREF.


Les is a true gem with beautiful conformation, a silhouette that captures attention, and a round, uphill neck that exudes elegance. His splendid head is adorned with soft, friendly, intelligent eyes that reflect his gentle nature. This horse LITERALLY goes on the bit ON HIS OWN! He is a very sweet gelding and he is well educated. A very nice and well trained horse to ride.


Les is not just a horse; he is a dream companion for any rider. His movements are extraordinary, displaying incredible elasticity and lightness. He glides effortlessly, making every ride a delightful SMOOTH experience. His lovely personality shines through – Les is not just a horse; he's a friend. He adores cuddles and seeks affection, displaying a human-oriented disposition that makes him a joy to be around.


As a riding partner, Les is a true gentleman. He is eager to please his rider, making each ride a pleasure. His balanced gaits and comfortable seat make riding him a dream, responding to the lightest cues from his rider. Even when a rider makes a mistake, Les is forgiving and understanding. 


Les is more than just a talented dressage horse already going 1st-2nd level; he is also incredibly brave and focused--watch him being ridden in the rain in the video above! He faces new challenges with courage, making him safe in both nature and traffic. His calm demeanor and lack of spookiness make him an excellent choice for riders seeking a reliable partner.


Beyond his exceptional skills, Les is a social butterfly. He gets along well with other horses, forging friendships easily and displaying a friendly and sociable nature.


Most importantly, this dressage horse for sale is a picture of health, ensuring a bright future with his new owner. He comes with a full set of xrays including back and neck taken Dec 20, 2023, available for review with your vet. 


Don't miss the opportunity to bring this dreamboy into your life. He is truly above average in every way imaginable, and REASONABLY PRICED for an experienced 1st-2nd leved dressage horse with thororough pre purchase exam, xrays, bloodwork, including import and quarantine AND he is already a gelding!


Don't let this opportunity pass – make Les your perfect equine companion today! He is $35,900 delivered to JFK.  LAX and Chicago are $2345 more for airfare. Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112, Les is guaranteed NOT to last at this price!

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