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Quintessa STER A


Norbert 444
Friesian Sire


Erik 351
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Looking for a top-tier Friesian mare destined for the FEI arena? A 1st premie STER mare, which means she was chosen as top 5% for conformation and movement, AND was able to add the A designation to her name for additional high scores in further riding testing!



Meet Quintessa, a stunning 10-year-old tall beauty ready to take the dressage world by storm in the US! GREAT BUY on a PHENOMENAL HORSE!!!


Sired by the esteemed Norbert SPORT PREF AAA and out of a dressage STER PREF PREST mare by Erik SPORT, Quintessa is a gem among gems. It's not every day you find a female Friesian excelling in the dressage ring, but Quintessa is breaking barriers and accumulating accolades along the way.


Quinn has been with ONLY 1 other owner before us and has been with us for a while. We were going to use this FULL PEDIGREE STER MARE for breeding ourselves at first, but because we have have several requests for NICE upper level dressage mares for sale, that are nice to ride even for nvices, we decided to not breed her yet. Motherline is textbook PERFECT on this STER A mare: Ster+Pref+Prest-Ster+Pref-Model+Pref-Ster.


VERY VERY low 0.59% inbreeding; 17.17 kinship, stam line 1 (12th generation). 164 cm tall. 


Side note---I personally competed and won several national championships with Nobby V.D. Shamrock, and FEI dressage superstar who was out of Beytske Ster Pref Prest, Quintessa Ster A's dam, and Nobby was one of the BEST THINKING, most talented dressage horses i have EVER had the privelege of throwing a leg over!


This FULL PEDIGREE STER mare has achieved not one, but TWO 1st premie STER's at keurings, by the DUTCH JUDGE's (which are ONLY awarded to the tippy top 5% of all horses for conformation and movement!). AND her 1st offspring, a filly from 2018, has ALSO been awarded the STER AA predicate---this upper level dressage mare for sale isn't just a top contender in the showring with TWO 1st premie STER predicates awarded to HER pedigree, she is PRODUCING top contenders and STER offspring! 


Quintessa STER is a NO BRAINER investment opportunity.



She IS a proven producer, as well! She has had foals in 2018, 2019 and 2022. 1 by Jurre, 1 by Tiede and 1 by Boet.


This STER dressage mare can be in the pasture with other horses, in a herd/group---she is very very easy getting along with others.

And this superstar is also very easy to get along with in the stable. She can be ridden by a professional (if your trainer wants to take her for a spin and WIN!) but also by a beginner,  she adjusts her level to her passenger. She is very well behaved and has a golden character. A real schoolmaster & she gives the rider a nice/familiar feeling.


Already boasting winning points in M level and now showing Z level (3rd level in Europe without changes).  Quintessa is primed for higher levels of competition. What sets her apart, though, is her incredible attitude. With a fantastic work ethic and an eagerness to please her rider, Quintessa is a joy to train and ride.


Her quality in walk, trot, and canter speaks volumes, and she's a true dressage schoolmaster with excellent conformation. What's more, Quintessa is a safe and versatile partner, comfortable in various settings including outdoor environments and unfamiliar venues.


Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a budding dressage rider, Quintessa is suitable for most levels of riders. She responds beautifully to both snaffle and full bridles, and her responsiveness to aids ensures a harmonious partnership in the ring.


Priced at $43,900 delivered to JFK; LAX and Chicago are an additional $2782.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of dressage history.

Contact Janna at 415-272-2112 to make Quintessa your new partner in success!

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