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Stendert 447
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Exquisite Baroque Pinto Beauty Available: Meet JAGGER!



 Are you searching for a stunning 5-year-old, 16.1-hand Friesian cross gelding for sale? Look no further than JAGGER! This sweet-natured gentleman is ready to capture your heart and elevate your equestrian adventures.



 With JAGGER, you're not just getting a horse – you're gaining a cherished companion. His impeccable behavior and friendly demeanor make him a joy to be around, whether in the stable, pasture, or out on the trails.


JAGGER's beauty is matched only by his exceptional movement and correct build. Under saddle, he shines with three impressive gaits, demonstrating attentiveness, sharpness, and a willingness to please. He's not just a riding horse – he's a driving dream, excelling in single, double, and four-in-hand configurations.


 Worried about safety? Fear not! JAGGER is a seasoned trailmaster who handles traffic with ease, making him a reliable partner for all your outdoor excursions.



 What truly sets JAGGER apart is his sweet and affectionate nature. He craves human attention and forms strong bonds with both riders and fellow equines. Light in the mouth and responsive to leg aids, he eagerly awaits your guidance on every ride.


Jagger has clean x-rays. They are from september last year, so fairly recent.
Let's look at his pedigree.......

Ceasar Ter Linden, his sire,  is a KWPN Warmblood stallion and has two versatile top sires as his ancestors: Puriosso and Olympic Ferro.
His mother Laguna van de Hondshoeve is 100% Friesian.

He is registered with the he NRPS registry,  the most versatile studbook in the Netherlands, focused on performance in both sport and breeding. Every year, several NRPS horses make their debut in the higher sporting classes at national and international level. The unique composition of horses, ponies and Anglo-Arab Thoroughbreds makes the NRPS successful and versatile. 

 As an added bonus, JAGGER comes not only with a full set of recent radiographs, but also with a thorough pre-purchase exam for your peace of mind.


And the best part? He's priced at just $32,900, including delivery to JFK! Delivery to LAX and Chicago is just $2340 more.



Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome JAGGER into your life. Contact us today to make this dreamy Baroque Pinto yours! 415-272-2112

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