Theon fan Panhueys SPORT - SOLD

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Theon fan Panhueys SPORT


Thorben 466
Friesian Sire


Rindert 406
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Introducing a truly remarkable Friesian gelding that embodies elegance and charm: meet our Jet Black beauty, THEON!

This handsome boy is the epitome of a fairytale horse, with his striking jet-black coat, small little head, and thick neck that exudes stallion-like presence. Standing tall at 166cm which is 16.1 hands, he commands attention with his majestic stature and thick, luxurious mane and tail.

With a lineage boasting the renowned fan Panhueys motherline from the breeders of the infamous JASPER Pref Elite, this special gelding carries the legacy of famous bloodlines, including a motherline that has produced SUPERSTARS and is FULL: STER SPORT AA-STER Pref Prest 8-STER Prest-STER Pref 9, ensuring top-notch quality and exceptional breeding standards.


Oh, and did we mention that his Gr Grandma, Antje ut de Mieden STER PREST is ALSO the actual MOTHER of the most FAMOUS approved friesian stallion EVER to walk this planet, the Grand Prix dressage superstar (and now deceased) JASPER PREF ELITE?!? !!!! Thats right!! Theon's grandmother IS Jasper's MOTHER!!!!!


Equipped with a show record in 3rd level dressage (Z1 level points), he is a testament to his prestigious heritage.


NEWS FLASH....On Feb 25, 2024, Theon competed with different riders completing 3 different tests at Z1 level, all above 65%, earning 6 more winning points, and now has the SPORT predicate in his pocket!!! WOO HOO, he is on way to FEI levels and smooth as silk to sit:):)

But it's not just his pedigree that sets him apart; this Jet Black gem is a paragon of safety and reliability. With good X-rays and a clean bill of health from the vet, he offers peace of mind to any rider. Known for his gentle disposition, he's ridden by older ladies aged 60 and above, showcasing his versatility and suitability for riders of all levels.

Watch him in action on trails, effortlessly navigating through water crossings with grace and poise. Trail safe and bombproof, he instills confidence with every step, making him the perfect companion for leisurely rides or adventurous outings.

Yet, there's more to this remarkable horse than meets the eye. With potential for higher levels, he possesses a big walk, a nice trot, and an uphill canter that promise endless possibilities in the show ring or dressage arena. Light in hand and smooth to sit, he offers a sublime riding experience that's simple for everybody to enjoy.

With a wealth of experience under his girth, this Jet Black gelding is ready to embark on new adventures with his future partner. Don't miss the opportunity to make this extraordinary horse a part of your equestrian journey.

Contact us today to make Theon YOUR new dance partner! 415-272-2112

He is $44,900 delivered to JFK; delivery to Chicago and LAX are $2340 more.

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