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Beart 411
Friesian Sire


Gradus 356
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

VERY Special Tall STER AND SPORT Friesian Gelding for Sale

Scoring in the High 60's and 70's in 3rd Level Dressage



We LOVE Tango because he adapts easily to his rider.....  Let Tango teach YOU! You can REALLY ride Tango and practice your dressage on him OR take him out on a long relaxing trail ride.


He always gives the best to his rider and is  very willing.  You won't find a harder worker; Tango is never lazy.


He is a RARE dressage schoolmaster for sale, and always had the same owner, an older lady, who did many dressage competitions with Tango.  The ONLY reason we were able to acquire this special FAIRYTALE long haired dreamboat was his longtime rider was physically not able to ride anymore… and last year the neighbor girl rode Tango STER SPORT for pleasure only, on the trails. 

So the older lady decided to sell Tango to us, and allow him to be a dressage schoolmaster for YOU, or be the most smashing looking trail horse galloping on the beach anywhere!


We had a brand new set of xrays taken, available for review with your vet and all acceptable. 


This  true JET BLACK long haired baroque boy measures 170 cm, which is just over 16.3 hands.


EXPERIENCED, and looks like he just walked out of  Ladyhawke!!! Don't miss this 9 year old tall Star Sport gelding, with an impressive majestic appearance, and beautiful conformation.  You will be awestruck by his  round uphill neck,  great big strong movement (yet easy to sit for an older athritic back--!!), very well trained.  Tango  shows lots of "swing" in his trot, and has 3 balanced gaits.  He is  like your favorite sofa: comfortable to sit, and goe’ s on the bit automatically!  This boy has a good GO, always wants to work, and responds on small signals (no whip and spurs needed)---in short: a joy to ride !!! 


But he is also forgiving when the rider makes a mistake-----  He is well behaved  when ridden in traffic.


The bonus?? Tango STER SPORT has tons of experience at the competitions, competing in Z dressage with 11 winning points (comparable to our 3rd level without changes). He has acquired the HIGHLY coveted SPORT predicate, which is PROOF of his ability to go to  various settings and do what it takes, no bucking or spooking or spinning, and score well under Judge after Judge, in arena after arena that he has never been in before!


And the very BEST thing about Tango is his marvelous temperament!!!! He has a friendly lovely character, and  loves to cuddle!!

Email janna for a copy of his recent new X-rays, all good for sport taken Dec 11, 2023, INCLUDING back and neck!


Tango, who has acquired  the STER predicate for being tippy top 10% for conformation and movement, and SPORT predicate for his consistently high scores in 3rd level dressage, also has MORE 3rd party verification of his talent....he also acquired the A predicate for his  high scores on an IBOP!!!

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