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Epke 474
Friesian Sire


Nykle 309
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.3 hands

This is a RARE opportunity to acquire a friesian mare for sale that is truly the EVERYTHING horse!!  Collatina  has acquired the HIGHLY coveted SPORT predicate for her consistently high scores in Z level (3rd level) dressage.  This is EXCELLENT 3rd party verification that this jet black GOOD thinking gal is  consistently doing what it takes under NUMEROUS  Judges, and in dozens and dozens of settings, and getting the job DONE...moving up from  1st level, to 2nd level, to 3rd level.  And NOW training  for z2 dressage with flying changes (see in the video above---we haven't practiced  this a lot with Collatina, as she had a foal in 2023 and was busy being a VERY good momma---but she is just so darn WILLING, this mare will give you "the shirt off her back", and we wanted to show you that she has them in her---this mare is VERY capable of the upper levels!!)   In fact, we didnt breed her again in 2023, because we think the next person might want  to aim for getting the SPORT ELITE predicate with this talented long legged gem!

SAFE SAFE SAFE--- babies can sit on Collatina, she is  soooo gentle and kind.  And  she is AMATEUR and  junior rider friendly---she doesn't mind if the rider makes a mistake or gives her the wrong signal.  Read: she is FORGIVING!


And it doesn't stop there.... this friesian mare for sale has a motherline that reads like a Who's Who in friesian horses---i don't think i have ever had a mare with such a decorated motherline:

Collatinas dam, Maryanne, is STER & Pref with a 92.4 score on her IBOP and is a sister the approved stallion, TONKE 391. Her dam scored an "8" in walk and "9" in trot!!

Grandmother, Margje, is STER & PREF and was Champion at the Central Keuring in 1988 and mother of the approved stallion Tonke 391

Gr Grandmother Talina is STER & Pref and Champion of the Central Keuring in 1970 and 1971 AND mother of the Approved stallion, Dirk 298

Gr Gr Grandmother  Vrouwe is MODEL and Reserve Champion of the Central Keuring in 1964

Gr Gr Gr Grandmother  Landsvrouwe is MODEL & Pref and Champion of the Central Keuring in 1955 and 1956.  


As a reminder, Central Keuring is a show for mares much like the "hengst keuring or stallion show for boys". The Central Keuring is a Central MARE show whereby ONLY 1st premie horses get to attend!  And Collatina stems from a long line of GRAND CHAMPIONS of the Central Keuring!!! 


Mares with  these kind of credentials almost NEVER leave Europe----they are worth their weight in gold!


This talented dressage mare for sale has done dual duty and worn two hats  her whole adult life----moving up the dressage ladder and being a fun horse for an amateur to compete, AND an incredible producer, having produced 3 offspring, and gotten pregnant the first time inseminated on ALL THREE pregnancies!!!!  She has no problem deliveries, and is an EXCELLENT mother, and just check out how beautiful her offspring are, the last photos above are her children.  And see  the vids above of  Collatina's offspring---this young talented  Epke X Nykle mare CAN do it all!! And she is ONLY 7 yrs old, already acquired the SPORT predicate and produced 3  healthy, gorgeous children!!!!


Low kinship=17.81% and super low inbreeding of 1.95%; this elegant EXPERIENCED mare for sale stems from stam line 19 and has 3 really nice gaits.  She received a 105 for her walk, and a 104 for her gallop.  Negative for dwarfism and hydrocephalus. 

Collatina is excellent  for the farrier, gets along well with other horses, lives equally well in a pasture or a stall, is an easy loader and hauls nicely alone or with other horses.



Don't have any desire to compete? No problem for Collatina---she LOVES just hacking out, going on long relaxing trail rides, and to the beach!  AND she is double trained to DRIVE. You don't have to ride dressage to enjoy Collatina, she is a wonderful all around pleasure, dressage, trail, bareback kind of horse, also trained to drive as a 3 yr old.


Bday 3/13/2016.  Comes with a thorough pre purchase exam including flexion testing and lameness exam, and required blood tests for import. 



She is $34,900 delivered to JFK. Chicago and LAX are $1980 more. 


Call Janna for details 415-272-2112 on this special mare.


This mare is ONLY being offered for sale due to a cancer diagnosis in her close human family, and hence a herd & and home reduction is eminent she will go to an approved home only.

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