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Olrik 383
Friesian Sire


Beart 411
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 1/2 han

Searching for a handsome, TALENTED Friesian that will take you up the levels in dressage? A loving companion to be your forever best friend? Look no further. Idool, is a STUNNING 6 yr old with outstanding movement and the best personality.


6 yr old Friesian For Sale


RIDICULOUS Amount of Mane and Forelock!!


Excellent Xrays and physical exam (video taped) taken on Jan 17, 2024

16.1 1/2 Hands TALL!! AND STILL GROWING!


Ridden by a 9 yr old Girl


Extraordinary opportunity to own a drop dead Gorgeous, OUTSTANDING 6 year old friesian for sale. This boy has a LONG, Thick and Beautiful mane, forelock and tail!  Idool is very uncomplicated and easy to ride.


He is a perfect mount for an amateur rider and kids.


We love Idool because he is very talented in his movement, and he has an incredible canter- & he is absolutely gorgeous! 

Idool is seasoned and is a blast to ride!


Reasonably Priced, Details, call janna at 415-272-2112 


Bday 6/7/2018


FULL PEDIGREE with unbroken ster predicates: out of a BEART SPORT PREF ster mare with a textbook motherline: STER-STER A-STER-MODEL PREF



LOW 0.20% inbreeding!


Ridden by a 9 yr old and primarily been used as a pleasure/family horse AND he loves to JUMP!  Kid proof, Idool is perfectly behaved, has a CRAZY long mane, good on xrays, sweet and as lovable as they come, goes bareback, LOVES to cuddle, and has LUSH feathering!!  The kids lay down with him in his stall and comb his feathers, after riding him!!



He is REALLY easy to ride for all novice riders and gets along well with other horses. My partner has some kamikaze pigeons in her indoor arena, which try and kill themselves by flying up the walls and hitting it, and Idool is totally NOT bothered by them doing that in front of his nose, which is testament to his GOOD THINKING nature!!!


Don't miss this REASONABLY PRICED good mannered IDEAL age friesian for sale---once he is gone, there won't be another like HIM, with his  good thinking temperament, and hunka hunka looks, at his rock bottom price!



$33,900 delivered to JFK as a gelding. Chicago and LAX are $1980 more. 

Buying Price:


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