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Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Hey there baroque horse enthusiasts! We're excited to introduce you to Silver Lining - Your Perfect Friesian X Warmblood Cross Equine Companion!

Silver Lining is a VERY special friesian cross with a UNIQUE appearance, and he exudes ABSOLUTE QUALITY!! This 16.1 hand 5 yr old gelding for sale comes with an extended sport vet check and excellent xrays available for review with your vet, including back and neck. This naturally talented boy has potential for upper level dressage,and yet is suitable for every rider!!! Silver is the spitting image of his very famous father--see the last photo above of Silver Lining's sire!!!!

What an extremely lovely horse--far above average in every way!!! His mother is a friesian mare and his father is an approved warmblood dressage stallion, FIRST CLASS. Silver doesn't just have a unique GORGEOUS appearance, but on top of everything, he is a good dressage horse with an extended sport vet check, very well trained for dressage and experienced on trails, and suitable for every rider.

This 5-year-old gelding is truly a gem in every sense. Standing tall at 16.1 hands, we LOVE his pedigree---Silver is a striking gray crossbreed of a friesian and a Warmblood: Friesian dam x Peru’s First Class sire.

Silver's sire, First Class is what we call a shabrak pinto dressage stallion; in his bloodline: Axiomas Casanova, a Brown dressage stallion; Canasa's brown Grand Prix; Krack C, a brown Grand Prix dressage stallion; mother line of First Class: 2 times Pinto dressage: the famous “Jazz Fox".  So his father line are all top dressage warmblood stallions!! Silver's dam is a full Friesian mare, so Silver is half dressage warmblood and half Friesian. 

With a special appearance!!! 


He has really the whole package!! Extremely willing.... doesn’t need to learn  anything------ he knows everything already from trail riding, to navigating rides in heavy traffic, to dressage; Silver is absolutely a talent!! 

So very smooth in his riding, responds on small signals, only think of what you want and he pleases the rider directly. 

A dream to ride dressage, but also forgiving and suitable for playing and hacking out, bareback riding, going on trails, etc. 

On the video above  was for the first time with bareback riding, like everything you ask of him---- he loves to do different things, no problem for Silver! He is always willing and positive:)

Let's talk about his moves - Silver is not just a horse; he's a great, strong, and balanced mover. His unique appearance is a head-turner, a beautiful blend of the Friesian charm and the sporty genes inherited from his father. Silver, as we lovingly call him, is flat AMAZING!

First things first, Silver is an absolute sweetheart. If you're into cuddling, get ready to spend your days cozied up with this charming fellow. But there's more to him than just affection - Silver is a splendid dressage horse, always ready to give his best. His willingness to please his rider is truly heartwarming.

Riding Silver is a dream - his balanced gaits make him incredibly comfortable to sit, and he responds to signals with the lightness of a feather. You don't have to work hard to get him on the bit; he does it automatically. And let's talk about his collected canter - it's fabulous, and he could practically canter forever without breaking a sweat.

Now, here's the interesting part - Silver is wise beyond his years, an old soul, if you will. You don't have to teach him; just ask, and he's on it. Mistakes happen, right? Well, not a problem for Silver. He takes it all in stride, giving the rider an amazing feeling every time.

But it's not just about the arena - Silver Lining is easy and safe on trails and in traffic. Brave and safe whether he's going solo or with a group, he handles it like a pro. Long trails? Absolutely! Silver is your go-to guy for those adventurous rides.

And when it comes to socializing, Silver is a social butterfly. Other horses love him, and he reciprocates the friendliness. He's not just a horse; he's the one everyone wants to be friends with.

In a nutshell, Silver Lining is the whole package! Beauty, talent, a gentle and willing personality - he's got it all. If you're looking for a companion that goes beyond the ordinary, Silver Lining is the horse for you.

Get in touch for more info: 415-272-2112. Your extraordinary equine journey begins here!

Silver Lining is $30,900 delivered to JFK. LAX and Chicago are $2800 more.

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