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Friesian Sire


Epke 474
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Tymen 503

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Introducing the Ultimate Friesian Mare Package: Your Dream Come True!


Are you dreaming of owning a magnificent Friesian mare that not only boasts a stellar pedigree but also comes with a fantastic bonus? Your search ends here! Meet Josephine (we call her Jo), a stunning and pregnant Friesian mare that will steal your heart and fulfill your dreams in more ways than one! 

Jo is a gorgeous and gentle Friesian mare, just shy of her 5th birthday, waiting to become the pride of your stable. With her elegant stature, flowing mane, and a temperament as sweet as sugar, she captures the essence of Friesian grace and charm.


Two for the Price of One: But that's not all! Jo is not just an ordinary Friesian mare; she is currently pregnant and expecting a foal May 6th sired by none other than Tymen 503, one of the most desirable approved stallions in the WORLD! Imagine the joy of welcoming a beautiful foal into the world, bred from exceptional lineage, and destined for greatness.


Jo's Outstanding Features:

  • Proven Fertility: Jo is a proven broodmare, having given birth to a healthy stud colt sired by Ulbran earlier this year.
  • Easy Breeding: Jo boasts an impressive motherline: STER-STER-MODEL+PREF AA-STER, making her incredibly desireable as a broodmare and easy to get pregnant, ensuring your breeding endeavors are smooth and successful.

  • Riding Companion: Jo is not just a broodmare; she is also exceptionally well ridden. With her gentle disposition and willingness to please, she offers you a fantastic riding experience, making her the perfect companion if you are looking for a friesian mare that is ALREADY going well under saddle.

Why Choose Jo?

  • Exceptional Bloodline: Jo comes from a prestigious lineage, ensuring the quality and authenticity of her Friesian heritage.  The Dutch Judges Measured her at 16 hands, and her in-breeding co-efficient is a RARE 0.0%!!!!  Kinship is a low 18% and her stam line is 50---the GOLD STANDARD of all stam lines, and the one in which the most  approved stallions have come from! 

  • Affordable Luxury: Jo is priced reasonably, making her a valuable investment for both experienced breeders and riders alike. Super mare to start your high quality breeding program with!

  • Double the Joy: With Jo, you're not just buying a mare; you're securing the future of a foal destined for greatness.

Don't Miss Out! This is your chance to own a pregnant Friesian mare with an exceptional breeding record, a heartwarming temperament, and the promise of a beautiful foal by Tymen 503 next spring. Act now and make your equestrian dreams a reality!

For more information, contact Janna today. Jo is eagerly awaiting her new home, where she can bring joy, beauty, and grace into your life. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!


Contact Us: Janna 415-272-2112




Dream Big, Ride High, and Cherish the Joys of Friesian Elegance!




Josephine is $31,900 delivered to JFK with a brand new thorough pre- purchase exam and ultra sund and required bloodwork for import.  LAX and Calgary are $2400 more. 

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