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Tymon 456
Friesian Sire


Tsjibbe 388
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 17.1 hands

This Prix St George dressage friesian for sale has AMAZING PRESENCE.


And a temperament to die for, with MUCH experience, not only competing, but also trail riding.


Currently competing  PSG with high scores, and ZZ Licht Champion of Holland in 2019.

Jaro is perfect for trails. He does not look at anything. Absolutely not spooky. Can be alone on trails and also in a group.


Super sweet for beginners or professionals that would like to move up the levels QUICKLY in dressage, or get their USDF GOLD Medal!

Perfect temperament!

Jaro is a REAL drive off the showroom and ready to show....Schoolmaster.


Flying change machine for everyone.

175cm real nice tall horse, IMPRESSIVE:)

Here is a forgiving friesian horse for sale that is also double trained to drive. He loves kids and is very safe. In short, Jaro will be a friend for life, and he is looking for his lifetime companion.


Good Xrays and Thorough Pre-Purchase completed  5/31/23 & available for review with your vet!


 Just watch the videos of him  trailering to go play at the beach, and being ridden bareback, AND cleaning up in PSG dressage, all in the same TWO WEEKS!!!  Jaro SPORT can DO IT ALL!!



 VERY safe and uncomplicated---ideal schoolmaster that can teach YOU  the flying changes and the upper level movements:)


TALL, just under 17.1 hands tall---gentle giant.


 VERY few are like THIS one, just showed PSG last weekend with high scores!


VERY cool horse, and checks all the boxes of anyone wanting a "been there/done that", REALLY experienced WELL TRAINED upper level  FEI dressage schhoolmaster, for a reasonable price.


And included in his price is castration, and 6 weeks of board and training  in Europe, following castration. 

Buying Price:


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