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Teun 505
Friesian Sire


Tjalbert 460
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Herre 524

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Looking for a stunning Friesian mare that can give you a 2-for-1 value?

Black Sterling is very proud to present this GORGEOUS 3 yr old long haired, elegant friesian mare for sale.  Jet black, refined and exquisite---just check out Maaike MOVE in the youtube video above!!


The bonus,  Maaike is confirmed in foal to World Grand Champion Herre 524.


Herre 524 is no stranger to the winner's circle, he beat out ALL other approved stallions in 2022 and became Champion of the young stallions AND was the General Champion at the Stallion Show!!!  Herre 524 is a very luxurious and modern lined stallion with a beautiful uphill conformation. His inquisitive and cooperative character is striking and helps him excel in all disciplines. Also striking is his good and quick use of his hind leg.  Herre 524 comes from line 15. This line is known as a strongly proven preferent sport line, his grandmother Wietske fan Hylpen (by Onne 376) is a model sport mare and is a half-sister of Eise 489! Their mother; Lieke fan Hylpen (by Olof 315) is a ster preferent performance mare!  Herre 524 can be described as a very luxurious and upwardly built stallion with a cooperative and willing character, which gives both rider and driver a very good feeling. In both trot and canter he shows spectacular movement with a remarkably strong use of the hind leg. Herre 524 is one of the HOTTEST tickets in town, as far as approved friesian stallions---his offspring can improve breed type, model, character, attitude and speed & power in the hind leg use. AND Herre 524 is free of hydrocephalus and dwarfism gene. We cannot WAIT to see  what the combination of Maaike and Herre 524 bring---Maaike will give YOU a foal due Mar 1, 2024!



 Look no further than Maaike! This beautiful jet-black mare stands at an impressive 16 hands, and comes from a top-notch pedigree. Not only that, but she has long, flowing hair that will make her the envy of any stable.


But that's not all - Maaike is also in foal to the approved stallion Herre 524, with the foal due in 2024. This means that you'll be getting not just one, but two incredible horses for the price of one!


And with Maaike's excellent pedigree, you can be sure that her foal will be just as impressive. Maaike herself has INCREDIBLE  papers... she is out of a KROON AAA dam, her grandmother is STER PREF Prest AA, and her great grandmother is  STER!!! You can't get much better than having a KROON AAA mother!!!

Best of all, Maaike can literally pay for herself in less than 2 years. With the value of her foal and her own impressive qualities, you'll be making a smart investment in the future of your stable.


LOW 2.73% inbreeding and 18.3 % kinship

Maaike is from Stam line 177, 7th Generation

Bday 2/29/20

Studbook mare, 2nd Premie as a foal!


Maaike is $33,900 delivered to NY; LAX and Chicago are $2800 more. OR Maaike is $35,900 Delivered to CALGARY and delivery to Toronto (flight) is ONLY $800 more than the listed price!


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity - contact us today to learn more about Maaike and her 2-for-1 value!

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