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Stendert 447
Friesian Sire


Oege Preferent 267
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Wibout 511

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16 hands

This beautiful star mare is pregnant for 2024 by the HOT HOT HOT superstar approved stallion in Europe, Wibout 511.


This unique combination produces an in-breeding percentage of 0.78% and a kinship of only 17%!

Jordyn is a Star mare from a beautiful mother line. She has a full paper:

Model Preferent- Star+Preferent+Prest- Ster-MODEL+PREF

In addition to her beautiful appearance and good manners, she is also a very nice star friesian mare to handle and enjoy! VERY easy to get pregnant, uncomplicated births, and a SWEET temperament!

She is kind, affectionate and enjoys a good grooming. Super FULL PEDIGREE STAR  mare to breed with and great addition for any top notch breeding program.


Jordyn is trained to ride, and has been used for pleasure /trail riding in the past, but her focus has been in producing top quality foals and being a good mother to them, so she is not yet an advanced dressage horse herself.  She  has produced foals in 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and is now confirmed in foal to Wibout 511, and will give YOU a foal in the spring of 2024!!! Jordyn's breeding date was June 19 this years, so her due date is May 19 of next year.


EXCELLENT 2 for 1 VALUE!!!!!!


We LOVE her pedigree. She is sired by  Stendert 447, the son of Andries 415 out of the exceptional dam line of Stoeterij Boszorg. A solid series of Model Preferent mares produced this fine stallion. This stallion shows in the dressage sport his willingness to work. Sabine van de Loenhorst has ridden him to Prix St George dressage in a short time. Stendert 447 is an excellent ride and is always willing to do his best for his rider.

Stendert 447 has a very correct proportional build. He moves very tactful and shows lots of suppleness in all three gaits. Stendert 447 is a friendly stallion who likes to work.


And Jordyn's dam's sire is our favorite approved  legendary stallion of ALL TIME, deceased Preferent stallion Oege 267, who produced a total of seven approved sons and of his daughters an astonishing 58% became Ster. Oege is known for siring many very good sport horses especially when crossed with mares sired by Hearke 254 Pref., Jochem 259 Pref, and Lammert 260 Pref. This is still true today when these stallion lines are crossed. Oege was sired by the Preferent stallion Wessel 237 and out of the Ster-Preferent mare Wieske. Wessel sired six approved sons, 21 Model mares, and an astounding 74% of his daughters became Ster. Wessel passed on good toplines, strong backs and well muscled hind-ends.


Side note: EVERY SINGLE  friesian I rode to a world and national championship had Oege Pref in their bloodlines!! AND usually as their dam's sire!  An interesting common denominator.


Jordyn  was born 2/24/11 and measures 163 cm (16 hands).  She stems from stam line 25, 10th generation, which is the 2nd most prolific line at producing aproved stallions!!!!


Her in-breeding is a VERY LOW 0.98% and her kinship is 17.44%.


What i think is the MOST amazing thing about this  full papered STER mare for sale, her dam produced 13 offspring that were actively shown and had AMAZING  dressage show records on the books with the KFPS, AND her Grandmother produced  no less than 17 offspring  with proven  track records winning in riding and driving competitions----six were 3rd level dressage, one became a MODEL mare, and two  were 4th level -PSG dressage!!  This STER MARE  comes from a line that produces CHAMPIONS!!!


Is a FAIRYTALE mare  your "THING"?!?  Well, not too many mares have the real LONG hair and fairytale looks like the stallions, but JORDYN does!!!


This is an investment opportunity that can quickly pay for herself.  Jordyn is a rare friesian investment that can literally pay for herself in less than 2 years.


Note: The last 4 photes above are of the amazing WIBOUT 511, the daddy of Jordyn's unborn foal!!!


Jordyn is $32,900 delivered to NY; Chicago and LAX are $2800 more; Jordyn STER is $34,900 delivered to Calgary, and delivery to Toronto (flight) is ONLY $800 more than the listed price!


 .....and i can GUARANTEE she won't last! 

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