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Pier 448
Friesian Sire


Stendert 447
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 17.0 hands

It's not very often we are able to offer such a TALL friesian dressage gelding for sale..... Gilles is 17 hands tall!!!

Imposing, majestic,  measuring 172cm,  this gentle giant has beautiful impressive conformation.


We LOVE his round uphill neck, excellent strong movement,  and MOST of all, his lovely uncomplicated character.

Gilles is very brave,  never spooky, and he loves to go on a trail , alone or with other horses. If you are looking for a friesian to primarily trail ride and  ride by yourself in traffic, Gilles is YOUR MAN, as he is VERY SAFE.

He has 3 good balanced gaits, and is very comfortable to sit.  This boy is not too slow and  not too fast .... he has a great rhythm in all gaits.


AND he wants to please his rider. No problem when the rider makes a mistake.

Gilles is forgiving.

He has a soft mouth and  goes on the bit automatically.

He is really a sweetheart; loves attention, wants to cuddle forever.


Out in the pasture, Gilles is social and friendly with all other horses.

AND he is EASY-----Suitable for many different riders!!!

Gilles comes  with xrays available for review with YOUR vet. 


X-rays are good for sport and he has an EXCELLENT pedigree stemming from stam line 50, the GOLD STANDARD!!!!!  More approved stallions have come from this  stam line than ANY other!!!!


His mane isnt super long at the moment, it was "pulled" for the huntseat pleasure discipline, and we are now allowing it to grow.


This all-around dressage, bareback, trail, western TALL sweet boy friesian gelding for sale, with excellent x-rays, is $36,900 delivered to NY.


LAX and Chicago are $2800 more and Calgary is just $1600 more and delivery to Toronto (flight) is ONLY $800 more than the listed price!!

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