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Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands


Are you looking for a UNIQUE, once in a lifetime horse? One that will stand out EVERYWHERE you go.…..Here is a horse that combines everything you could want in a horse, all into ONE! Meet our new Barock Pinto, JAD! We are SO excited to offer this opportunity to our clients. JAD is trained by one of the top Grand Prix trainers in Europe and boy does it show! He has an impeccable dressage foundation, and truly has the natural talent for upper-level movements! He has exceptional movement yet feels like you are sitting on a COUCH to ride. His trot is as smooth as you can get, and he also has the natural ability for beautiful piaffe and passage in his future. What we like the MOST about this long haired GORGEOUS Barock Pinto dressage horse for sale---you can take him ANYWHERE by himself, and he is as versatile as they come, out on the trails, and through water! He makes his rider feel comfortable and confident.  And with his stunning salt and pepper looks, the heads’ wont stop turning, while you ride by on JAD.


Jad is 168cm, which translates to 16.2 hands TALL, and is 5 years old.  His bday is 6/10/2018.


Jad is 75% Friesian.  His father is 50% friesian, and his dam (no longer living) was a pure bred friesian.


Jad's gorgeous coloring comes from his sire (a warmblood pinto) that carries the famous Samber (Grand Prix) bloodlines, which also results in his  spectacular movement and UPPER LEVEL dressage capability. 



We bought Jad from a person who has had him since he was 1 yrs old. He is 1st level dressage  and used extensively for pleasure and trail riding by his last owner.   


Jad is a REALLY sweet and kind baroque pinto for sale, appropriate for most any level rider. 


He does dressage currently,  and rides mostly outside.  His riders comment that he is a good worker, not a lazy baroque boy!


Jad truly is SUPER  sweet,  gentle and a kind gelding for sale.


He is accustomed, as you can see in the vids above, with not only riding  outside, but also experience on the trails.


We like Jads good gaits---check out his hesitating trot when running free!!!!!


He has a beautiful head and friendly eyes, and he loves cuddling.


And everyone's favorite, he has VERY LONG, gorgeous hair!!!!!


Jad comes with a ful set of rads and thorough pre-purchase exam  done on Feb 27, 2023, available for review with your vet. He has VERY GOOD xrays, with no remarks. 

 Here is a drop dead GORGEOUS baroque pinto for sale with unique markings that is an excellent choice for a lot of riders.  He is not hot,  and not slow. Jad is a Nice all around horse that will excel in a lot of disciplines. 



This GORGEOUS piebald BAROQUE pinto for sale, with white fluffy feathers and VERY unique pinto spotted coloring is ONLY $39,900 delivered to NY. He come with a passport (no papers) and this all around GORGEOUS baroque pinto is very reasonably priced.


Delivery to LAX and Chicago is $2800 more due to the additional cost of import and quarantine to those locations.

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