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Gavin STER


Jurre 495
Friesian Sire


Tsjalle 454
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Gavin is a 5 year old  1st premium Ster gelding, 167cm  (which translates to 16.1 3/4 hands),  and is the son of World Champion “Jurre “ !!!!

He is  well trained to Ride and Drive, and has excellent strong movement!! All gaits have elasticity, he moves with lots of  what they call "swung" in Europe!!

He has a splendid beautiful little head, with sparkling big eyes.

Gavin is always happy---- this is a very positive 1st premie ster gelding for sale.  He is truly a lovely horse to be around.  He has a fantastic  personality, and is very  gentle in his character, and to small people (think: children). 


He has great ground manners; here is an uncomplicated friendly horse, a joy to be around.


For dressage riders: Gavin has potential for upper level dressage, he has 3 balanced gaits with excellent use of his hind leg and elasticity!  Perfect GO, never lazy, never too fast.

He gives the rider a great feeling--- always willing, forgiving, and no problem when the rider makes a mistake.

Trail riders, listen up!  Gavin loves to go on trails; he is safe in the woods, at the beach, and out in the open nature and in traffic, even when completely alone or with other horses.


Turn outs: Gavin is social friends with all other horses.  In the barn:  He loves to cuddle!!! Top top character!! 


Fantastic full pedigree:



Sired by World Champion JURRE and dam's sire is WORLD CHAMPION Tsjalle Sport Elite Pref AAA!!!


He is currently 1st level dressage, but we also think he could excel at western! Gavin’s trot is very easy to sit and he is also light off the aids and easy in your hands. He has lots of experience trail riding and is a very brave boy.

Some Friesians can have bigger gaits, but not this boy! Gavin is like a big couch, and his trot is so easy to sit. His canter is also lovely. He is a naturally forward horse but not the type that you have to hold back or the “hot type.”


He is very balanced and simple in the bridle. His canter is also exceptional.



You will just fall in love with his sweet personality. His conformation, head and neck are just stunning. He is a high-quality horse that can carry many types of riders! This horse really impressed us in every way.


Gavin will make a wonderful addition to your barn and is suitable for most any level rider due to his willing temperament.


He is $44,900 delivered to NY and is already a gelding.  Chicago and LAX are $2500 more.

Buying Price:


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