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Anders 451
Friesian Sire


Ulbert 390
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Julius is a VERY RARE friesian for sale, from the private Royal Dutch Stables collection of the best of the BEST FRIESIAN horses.


He is around 165 cm tall (which translates to 16.1 hands tall) and is a very beautiful STER friesian  to see.  He has a very nice expressive head and nice mane and a very thick tail.

He is a very sweet and gentle ster friesian for sale.


He is SUPER EASY when handling him. This boy is used to everything.

He still looks very youthful. You can see some white hairs appearing on his legs here and there because of his 12 of yrs age, but if you look at him and how he is SO IN SHAPE, I would have guessed he is a 5 yrs old dressage friesian for sale!!!!  

Julius was appointed to go to the stallion 70 day test in 2014 and just missed becoming an approved beeding stallion, and was then sold to the Royal Dutch Stables where he served as one of the Friesian horses pulling the Royal carriages.

He has followed all the necessary training sessions where they make their horses bombproof. He has has been exposed to smoke, crowds, loud noises, lots of traffic etc.

They sold him after several years because the only thing he didn't like was standing still for hours waiting for the carriage to leave. Of course he will stand still, but not for hours. He wants to work!

He was also ridden, of course, while at the Dutch Royal Stable. So he is very well trained under saddle,  and he is very well trained to pull a carriage as a single, in pairs and four in a hand.

Julius  is a very nice horse to ride.  He is really forward going without being hot-headed or spooky.   Not a lazy horse, yet SAFE, SAFE, SAFE, no matter WHERE you take him.


And a horse chosen for the 70 day test is the tippy top 1% of ALL male friesian horses----this is REALLY good 3rd party verification of his QUALITY of conformation, movement, and the Dutch Judges assessment of Julius's cooperation and ability under saddle and driving.

Above are some pics and clips of Julius in front of the Wagon. Seen from the driver in the wagon, he is the one on the left and next to him is a young three year old stallion.... Julius was a very good teacher to the young stallion!!! 

His motherline and pedigree are impeccable:

STER-STER+SPORT-STER-STER+Pref; LOW 1.17% inbreeding; bday 4/11/2011


Delivered as a STER Gelding to NY only $30,900; LAX and Chicago are $2800 more and Calgary is just $1600 more and delivery to Toronto (flight) is ONLY $800 more than the listed price!!

This  one will NOT last at this price, call 415-272-2112

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