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Julius 486
Friesian Sire


Mintse 384
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Harley is DROP DEAD gorgeous Dressage Gelding For Sale.


He has beautiful LONG LONG hair. His forelock goes further than his nose and his mane is like a REAL fairytale!

AND it doesn’t stop there…


 Harley has a beautiful, bright head with big eyes. He’s strongly built and is double trained to ride AND drive. He has a solid dressage foundation and has 3 excellent gaits.   Even if he gets distracted, he keeps “doing his thing” and working for YOU.



Harley has an especially good canter for a Friesian and gives his rider a good feeling. Also, when we drive him pulling a carriage, he is always good behaving. He likes to work, and will make an excellent dressage horse with experience (he has not shown yet). Just look at his perfect conformation. He is the TOTAL PACKAGE – the ideal combination of beauty, brains and ability. He is a sweetheart of a horse with a darling temperament and is an exceptional dressage talent, eager and quick to learn, with suppleness of movement and fantastic impulsion.


Harley is exquisitely bred, with an incredible pedigree and impeccable bloodlines. His sire is one of the most famous GRAND PRIX Friesian stallions ever– Julius 486 SPORT ELITE PREF AAA. Watch youtube vids of Julius 486 competing online, and they will bring you to your knees!!! Julius has the most lovely uphill canter, passed nicely on to Harley, and is known for his honest and kind character. Julius is absolutely stunning, with a beautiful defined head and neck, these qualities are also seen in Harley.

Harley’s dam is a first-class STER+Prest mare who was sired by the champion approved stallion, Mintse 384 SPORT, also awarded numerous honors. Progeny from these bloodlines have gone on to successful dressage careers.  


Harley has beautifully balanced gaits. Impulsion, action, flexibility and extension define his movements. We have him in professionally training; he has been an excellent student, progressing easily and steadily.  He has amazing potential to go all the way to the top - the sky is the limit with this breathtaking boy.

You will be enchanted and fall in love with Harley and his sweet personality and be  incredibly impressed and awestruck by his FAIRYTALE LOOKS! This remarkable horse has tremendous potential and is destined to be someone's DREAM HORSE!!!


He can be your ultimate loving companion for life.  We love this fancy sweet-natured boy’s willingness to please. He absolutely adores people and is an utter joy to handle and spend time with in the barn.



He is the epitome of health---Harley has near perfect xrays, available for review with your vet.


Harley is a once in a lifetime FAIRYTALE horse, with exquisite grandeur and supreme talent. Don’t pass this chance to take home the GOLD!

Watch the video above of Harley in Busy FAST moving traffic. This GORGEOUS friesian gelding continues to impress us! Call 415-272-2112 for more info on this 5 yr old, 16.1 hand dreamboat! We bought Harley as a stallion and castrated him--he is VERY well behaved since we took those balls off, we are more and more impressed with his temperament every day!

We took him out in traffic pulling a carriage last week, and our partner's father was VERY happy with his behavior and attitude!!! In the video above riding in the street by himself, Rianne is riding him for the very first time..... And she said, as well, " what a nice and easy horse!!!"

Harley is REASONABLY PRICED; his price will be going UP---he is doing THAT well in training, he is WORTH it.
It's very hard to find good horses at the moment, that look like our boy, Harley!

Harley is $43,900 delivered to NY.  Chicago and LAX are $2800 more and Calgary is just $1600 more and delivery to Toronto (flight) is ONLY $800 more than the listed price!!


Call 415-272-2112 for more info on this once in a lifetime FRIESIAN Dressage Gelding for sale.

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