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Jurre 495
Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16 hands

Rare opportunity to acquire a son of WORLD GRAND CHAMPION, Jurre.

4 years old and we will import as EITHER a stallion OR gelding for you...price INCLUDES castration or cem testing in Europe (keep in mind, most of our customers prefer we import their new fairytale horse as a gelding, because import as a stallion requires an EXTRA 30 day stallion quarantine costing you an additional 6-10k!)  Jet has never been bred, and doesnt know he is a stallion, fyi!  

Around 163 cm tall and STILL GROWING which translates to 16 hands.




LOW 1.17% in-breeding; stam line 102; Bday 6/6/2019

Trained to ride and drive.

Here is a REALLY NICE looking friesian horse for sale with LONG mane, and JET BLACK coat. Sweet boy!!  Jet will be a nice horse for dressage. He is  very eager to work.

 Reasonably Priced GORGEOUS Friesian For Sale, oh and did we mention, Sired by WORLD GRAND CHAMPION, Jurre!

 Gorgeous Head and Eyes!! Jet is a lovely registered Friesian for sale with the so sought after SWEET PEOPLE ORIENTED TEMPERAMENT, AND he is trained to BOTH ride AND drive:)


He is EXTREMELY handsome, and is an ideal age of 4 yrs with his whole life left, to spend with YOU!!  Fantastic gaits and super extensions. Very nice and easy to ride for a competitive dressage rider, or an amateur.  We love his rhythmic and elastic movements and 3 very good gaits. 

Jet has a gentle and friendly personality and no vices whatsoever. You will REALLY enjoy his three very good, soft, expressive gaits, he is a jet black Friesian for sale, has an excellent temperament and very high train ability. This wonderful guy is suitable for an Amateur or junior exhibitor with the quality for a Professional.

With his calm and sweet nature, he can put his rider's mind at ease. Jet is also considered a "Trailmaster" , and unlike the warmbloods, you can have just as much fun out in the hills and at the beach with this sweet guy, as you can in the dressage arena. Ideal conformation, an outstanding pedigree, and well trained to BOTH ride AND drive, with a reasonable price tag, Jet is a real gem!

They don't come much more beautiful than this VERY jet-black friesian--Jet is truly STUNNING!!! He will turn heads wherever you go, and just looks like he should be leading a parade....  Your friends will sure be jealous when you turn up with this gorgeous fella!

Jet is also super sweet and loves to have his hair washed and combed.  

And you can't beat the pedigree on this stunner--- it is easy to see why Jet is a TOP TOP notch dressage friesian for sale.

He is sired by the one and only WORLD CHAMPION, Jurre. who bested ALL other approved stallions, at the stallion show. and was crowned  the best of the BEST, and World Grand Champion!


This is a GOOD thinking, healthy, beautiful, uncomplicated friesian for a REASONABLE price!


Jet is $32,900 delivered to NY; LAX and Chicago are 2k more.


Don't you deserve a kind, willing, gentle partner to be YOUR new best friesian?????

Jet is a GOOD one!

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