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Hinne 427
Friesian Sire


Ritse 322
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Teun 505

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

AMAZING TOP END 1st Premie STER and CROWN Pregnant Friesian Mare for Sale!
EXCELLENT for a NOVICE, Easy  to Ride, even for your GRANDMA!
Will Give You a Foal by Teun in May, 2023! Excellent 2 for 1 Value


Why not purchase a mare that is the best of the BEST?!? A FULL PEDIGREE CROWN MARE that is a PROVEN producer, VERY well trained for anyone to ride, and FULL PEDIGREE?!? 

MUCH better investment than the stock market right now, as Paisley will give you a foal by Teun Mid May!

Paisley is SUPER SWEET, Hinne X Ritse FULL PEDIGREE STER CROWN pregnant mare is in foal to Teun, due mid May, and is a PROVEN producer, having had offspring a 2nd [remie solt by Mewes in 2017, a filly by Jurre in 2019 (not yet Judged), and a filly by Teun in 2022 (not yet Judged).

She is 9 yrs old with an incredible 77 on her IBOP.  In Dec, 2022, Paisley received a 105 for her amazing Trot, a 104 for her spacious Walk, and resounding 106 for her Type!
She is easy going, and with a solid dressage foundation, great for even children or your grandma! In the video above, this sweet gal had not been trained in a VERY long time, and has not worn a blanket all winter, and look how EASY AND SWEET she is to handle and ride!!!  Paisley is also double trained to DRIVE! 

She has a VERY LOW .59% inbreeding, which means you can breed her to just about ANY approved stallion! AND an AA score in 2020 for her under saddle performance. She measures 167 cm which translates to 16.2 hands TALL, as measured in 2020 by the Dutch Judges.

FULL PEDIGREE with a motherline that is textbook:
Stemming from stam line 92, 11th generation, with a LOW 17.6 kinship. 

Talk about an OVER achiever mare, this gal achieved STER 1st PREMIE in July 30, 2016 and then KROON in sept , and an AA score in 2020 with a 7.6 on her IBOP for her Trot!

 The BONUS?!? Paisley is confirmed in foal to the KFPS approved stallion, Teun. The 2018-approved Teun 505 (Bartele 472) can boast a pedigree to lick your fingers. Descending from the successful Namke line of pedigree 50 with the triple Preferent Setske F. (Feitse 293) for a granddam, this KFPS approved stallion brings a wealth of potential quality. Foundation dam of Teun 505’s dam line is the 1928-born Marianne Hulpboek (subsidiary section, ed.) Preferent (Danilo 137). Marianne’s daughter which we find in Teun 505’s dam line is Manda Model Preferent (Arend 131). Her daughter Anke Star Preferent (Obscurant 150) brought Namk Model Preferent (Geert 184), born in 1953. She was the 1957 Central Inspection Champion. Namk is the dam of Namke Model Preferent (Nuttert).
In eighteen years of active breeding this Crown jewel Namke (1964) has given sixteen foals. Son Walter 282 got as far as preliminary approval and five of her daughters rose to Preferent. One of these is Daphne Star Preferent (Naen 264), the dam of Olcha Model Preferent Performance (Feitse 293) and granddam of Els F.T. (Fabe 348), Gonda F.T. Model Preferent (Onne 376) and Sape 381 (Fabe 348).Setske F.: Olcha’s half sister Kingke Model Preferent (Dagho 247) appears in Teun 505’s dam line. The first time Kingke was paired to Naen 264 which resulted in the birth of Barteld 292. In 1989 Kingke gave the triple Preferent Setske F. Star Performance (Feitse 293) who is dam to Beart 411 (Jasper 366) and granddam of Teun 505. Nanne Osinga’s successful breeding stud ‘fan Lutke Peinjum’ was founded on this mare. When Osinga purchased Setske she was pregnant by Melle 311. This combination produced the by now double Preferent Ealfrou fan Lutke Peinjum Star Performance, a half sister of Beart 411.
The reliable broodmare Setske F. brought sixteen offspring: Beart 411, a Model mare, eleven Star mares and three Foalbook stallions. Four of her offspring are Sport and three are Preferent. Setske F. died in 2009 at the age of nineteen after suffering a colic attack. Her daughter and Sport mare Tjalda fan Lutke Peinjum Model Preferent Performance (Fabe 348) is granddam to Teun 505.
One of the offspring Osinga bred from Tjalda is Richt fan Lutke Peinjum Star (Rindert 406) who is Teun 505’s dam. She became Star at the age of four. In 2014 Bert Veldhuizen bred Teun 505 from this mare. Bert Veldhuizen has a preference for horses with loads of show driving aptitude like Onne 376. Hence, Richt’s first foal therefore is by Onne 376: Olbert van Hilberalti. This Star stallion took part in the Central Examination in 2015. Her second foal is a Star mare by Onne 376. In 2014 Teunis van Hilberalti was born, later known as Teun 505.
When a foal, Teun 505 came to Tsjalling de Boer’s foal-raising yard who by now, has acquired full ownership. Exceptionally good canter: During the Central Examination Teun 505 proved to be a multitalented horse with high scores for the riding test (83,5), driving test (83.5) as well as for show driving (85.5). According to his assessment report he is a stallion with a fine model, great breed expression and abundant feathers. Longlined with very good movement technique and flexion in the joints. A stallion with an extraordinarily good canter. In show driving he displays lots of ‘go’ and moves with great technique in an uphill frame.

According to Harrie Draaijer, Head of the Stallion Inspection Committee, Teun 505 is expected to enhance model, movement technique, mentality and trainability in breeding. Because of his all-round profile he can be widely used in the mare population. 

Do NOT wait, this 1st Premie Ster AND CROWN Friesian dressage horse for sale will give you a foal worth nearly ½ her purchase price in May THIS YEAR, but ONLY if you call janna at 415-272-2112, and buy her SOON!


Paisley is $54,900 delivered to NY and 2k more  delivered to Chicago or LAX.

  Live in Canada, well --- happy  to import to Canada for you, but MUCH more cost effective to fly into JFK and then have our transporter take this amazing 1st premie STER and CROWN pregnant mare OVER the border for you! 


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