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Eise 489
Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

FLORENTINO STER has it all!! 

Talented, beautiful, lovely personality, extremely easy !!

IDEAL age of 6 years, Star friesian, 1.68cm (16.2 hands TALL) ,  with a splendid refined beautiful head and LONG hair.
He is STAR which means the Dutch Judges  agreed that Florentino is in the tippy top 10% of all friesians for his extraordinary conformation and movement. Only the best of the BEST are chosen to be STAR/STER; Florentino is REMARKABLE, even the Dutch Judges think so!

Here is a mature PROVEN dressage horse, already showing 2nd level with good scores!  We like his solid dressage training, and again, excellent 3rd party verification from dressage Judges that have confirmed he is doing what is required  in unfamiliar settings, under numerous Judges. Florentino has an excellent competitive show record, scoring above 62% and earning winning points----don't just take it from us, his winning points in M level dressage is PROOF in the pudding of his training, and capability to stay focused, on task, and not be spooky in numerous settings, under a multitude of Judges.

He has 3 excellent gaits.  What we like about Florentino is that he moves like a warmblood but is smooth and light. His canter is very collected----- he can canter forever, so easy and very comfortable to sit!!!!  Just watch how easy his canter is to sit in the above video, he is like a rocking horse!


If you are looking for a FRIESIAN for sale that is good for an amateur OR pro AND that has potential for upper level dressage, and always wants to please the rider, you need to take a look at Florentino STER!!

Here is a very talented dressage horse but also extremely easy in every other way of riding, gentle with no vices, safe on trails and in traffic, and playing with the young girls at his stable who have a ball riding and grooming his exceptionally long THICK mane...... he likes everything you do with him!

It doesn’t matter when the rider makes a mistake, he has lots of patience and is forgiving.



If you are seeking an INCREDIBLY handsome, tall, sweet, forgiving Friesian that is versatile and you can do anything with--- you really need to consider this STER friesian gelding horse for sale.  He is a true lover that will be your forever best friend.

Florentino is STUNNING, already x-rayed and xrays are available for review with your vet, great movement, talent, excellent  temperament for a timid rider, and the BEST personality. 

He really is a GEM.


 He doesn’t JUST have a heart of gold, he has exceptional conformation, build, and an absolutely beautiful head and neck. He loves his work, and is NOT lazy. 


Florentino STER represents a unique combination of beauty, talent and a lovely character!! 

Florentino STER is already a gelding.


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