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Friesian Sire


Folkert 353
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Fonger 478

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

WOW Pedigree!:




You truly CANNOT get better than THAT.  Kayla has a pedigree to DIE for, and rare lines---she is a MARKUS X Folkert!!

LAST 2 for 1 Deal of The YEAR!!

Will Give YOU a Foal Worth 1/2 Her Purchase Price in July


This is our LAST pregnant well trained mare of the year---the window of opportunity to import  EXCELLENT "two for one  mares" is quickly closing, as  these mares will soon be TOO PREGNANT to fly over from Europe! 

Kayla is a GOOD ONE, we have not seen a motherline as strong as hers in DECADES---UNBELIEVABLE papers!!  She now measures 16 hands and will give you a foal by the approved stallion, Fonger, worth half her purchase price, in July, 2023!!! 


 What a fabulous investment opportunity!!!

This pregnant friesian mare for sale is a nice and super sweet mare.
Easy to ride and drive.

She has experience with trails as well as going for long trail rides in the forest.


Black Sterling Friesians is VERY proud to present this new JET BLACK elegant friesian for sale, sired by MARKUS AAA and out of a STER PREF PREST Folkert Sport Pref mare.


GREAT 2 for 1 deal, as she is confirmed in foal to the highly popular, and only available in Europe, approved stallion, Fonger.



Bday 5/12/19


LOW 1.76% inbreeding


She is stam line 103, and had no problems getting pregnant!


This studbook mare presents an excellent value, as she is a wonderful RIDE and DRIVE mare--  She is a no brainer investment, as she can quickly pay for herself.  Not many friesian mares have such amazing upright conformation and jet black coats and are FULL papered with unbroken STER predicates in their motherline, with this many STER, Pref, Prest and Kroon predicates in the direct motherline, AND are bred to an approved stallion located in Europe.

Fonger 478 is a very interesting stallion whose success started at a young age. Fonger moves with great tact, rhythm and suppleness. In all disciplines he gives his riders a good feeling particularly through his active hind legs and balance. He passes his most desirable characteristics to his offspring. In the breeding value index his descendants place very high and also possess much balance and suppleness. Fonger progeny all have, like their father, a beautiful silhouette, a deep black color, a willing attitude and a large swinging walk.  These traits make him a popular choice for breeders, and we are excited to see Fonger's foal, due July, 2023, out of Kayla! We think it will be spectacular!


Kayla was last bred the 9th of August, so her foal is due 9th of july, 2023!

Kayla is  is $32,900 delivered to NY. LAX is $2300 more and Chicago is 2k more. Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112---last pregnant  mare for sale of 2022!

Buying Price:


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