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Julius 486
Friesian Sire


Harmen 424
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Gorgeous Arched Neck & Beautiful Head

Rides AND Drives

Full Pedigree: STER-STER+Pref-Model


165 cm tall, which is 16.1 hands tall.


Here is a very nice friesian for sale with a really nice head and a beautiful arched neck and nice LONG mane.

Levi is a very nice horse to work with. Easy and uncomplicated!!! 

Black Sterling Friesians is proud to present this new EXTREMELY HANDSOME young friesian for sale with long hair.

Levi is motivated and driven to please. He loves his work and always stays focused. He is suited for every type of rider because he is CALM, and NOT spooky. This truly is such a fantastic horse because of his talent, quality, brain, drop dead gorgeous LOOKS and because he has SO many years ahead of him.

He is a perfect age of 4 years old.


In the video above, Levi wasn't ridden for over a week prior to the video under saddle being made--- and still he behaved so very well!  Levi is a very nice horse to work with...... Not a hot-headed or spooky take off-ish kind! He has such a good temperament, whoever gets this young reasonably priced DREAM horse will be very pleased with him!!!! 


Not only is Levi an amazing horse to ride and drive, he is also has a sporty build, which makes him a great performance horse for any discipline. This boy has the natural ability to take YOU up the levels in whatever discipline you want to do!

Bday 3/10/19


stam 61, 12th generation


This gorgeous friesian boy presents an excellent value, as he is a wonderful RIDE and DRIVE friesian--uncomplicated and NOT spooky! 

Not many friesian have such amazing LONG hair and are FULL papered with unbroken STER predicates in their motherline, double trained to ride AND drive, at an ideal age 4, AND are JET BLACK with extremely long hair, and THIS EASY to handle!


He is currently first level dressage and he also drives and goes on trail rides regularly.

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