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Wimer 461
Friesian Sire


Haitse 425
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Once in a Lifetime Fairytale Schoolmaster

Was in the 70 Day Test!

Has BOTH the STER Predicate AND the SPORT Predicates!!



Wimer x Haitse 

167 cm tall

Ronan is a beautiful friesian for sale with mane reaching to his knees AND he has very good movement.


What  a real dream horse!!!! 

Ronan has  fantastic papers! He comes from the famous line 28.

His mother is the star mare Bernou  fan'e Homar. This mare also had a star mare and a star stallion offsring. The star stallion THIS YEAR has been in the round before the 70 day test (we call it voorrij dagen).

Ronan's grandmother and great grand mother are both star preferent and prestatie.

Studbook stallions Ielke 382 and Menne 496 come out of this line.


Ronan is a ster and sport stallion, he was  in the 70 day test in 2016 where he was in the top 6 stallions!

That he made it so far is not a surprise, he moves with lots of power and swung and attitude, you don't see this often in friesian sport horses!!!! 

Ronan has had amazing dressage FEI success pulling a carriage which is even more difficult than under saddle!  He has won lots and lots of championships!!!!

He won the silver medal at the dutch championships between warmbloods in Z dressage (3rd level).


Under saddle, he has been in the championships of Friesland. He became 5th place in 2nd level dressage. One judge placed him second place! What an amazing VERY all around sport horse!

Here is a "been there/done that" PROVEN dressage schoolmaster with 3 excellent gaits.  What we like about Ronan is that he moves like a warmblood but is smooth and light. His canter is very collected----- he can canter forever, so easy and very comfortable to sit!!!! He is absolutely SAFE for an inexperienced rider or small child. 


If you are looking for a FRIESIAN for sale that is good for an amateur OR pro AND that has potential for FEI dressage, and always wants to please the rider, you need to take a look at Ronan!!

He is a very talented dressage horse but also extremely easy in every other way of riding, gentle with no vices, safe on trails and in traffic, and playing with the young girls at his stable, have a ball riding him bareback...... no problem for Ronan, he likes everything you do with him!

It doesn’t matter when the rider makes a mistake, he has lots of patience and is forgiving.

Read: Suitable for every rider!!

A joy to ride!!


If you are seeking an INCREDIBLY handsome, tall, sweet, forgiving Friesian that is versatile and you can do anything with--- you really need to consider this STER SPORT friesian for sale.  He is a true lover that will be your forever best friend.

Ronan STER SPORT is STUNNING, already x-rayed without remarks, great movement, talent, excellent  temperament for a timid rider, and the BEST personality. He really is a GEM.


 He doesn’t JUST have a heart of gold, he has exceptional conformation, build, and an absolutely beautiful head and neck. He loves his work, and is NOT lazy. He is also not the spooky type, and is very brave, even when ridden on the road with VERY loud trucks going by!!


Ronan represents a unique combination of beauty, talent and a lovely character!! 



Ronan has a perfect personality:sweet, trustworthy and well mannered.

He is concentrated in his work and shows lots of quality. 

Ronan is safe in traffic and everyone can ride on Ronan, even rank beginners. 

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