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Rindert 406
Friesian Sire


Jasper 366
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Fryso 518

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

We hardly ever find STER mares with hair THIS LONG, and when we do, they just don't last!


Ideal age of 6 yrs 


RINDERT X the KING himself, JASPER (probably where all her immense mane comes from).  Anne is confirmed in foal to the hot newly approved stallion in Europe, Fryso 518, and will give you a foal worth 16-20k in the end of May, 2023!


This gorgeous gal is provisionally STER, the Dutch Judges were SO impressed with her conformation and movement, they declared her STER contingent on her completing an IBOP test w/ sufficient scores.  An Ibop will be no problem for this gal, she is currently winning in 2nd level dressage  and has the winning points to PROVE it!

What more could you ask for---mane reaching to her knees, and......

  • Ideal age of 6
  • Show record competing in 1st-2nd level dressage and consistently scoring above 65%
  • Pregnant by an approved stallion that is VERY DESIREABLE in the U.S.!!
  • 165 cm, which translates to her measuring 16.1 hands TALL
  • L2 Dressage (1st/2nd level) with 12 points, which is excellent 3rd party verification this horse is doing what is required in dressage and consistently scoring above 65% in front of numerous Judges in numerous settings
  • GREAT price on a full pedigree ster mare, only 6 yrs old, full papered with unbroken ster predicates in motherline, and confirmed in foal to an approved stallion that is in Europe!

You really can't go wrong with this 6 yr old pregnant friesian mare for sale---as she is so very well trained, has an extensive show record, is confirmed in foal, and is a real "in your pocket" sweet demeanor mare.


Anne's motherline is  EXCELLENT:



Bday 4/3/16

Low 3.71% inbreeding


We are SOOO excited about the Fryso 518 foal Anne has in her belly, because Fryso gets "8's" for propulsion Anne and Fryso should be quite a match for creating one special foal! Fryso 518 is a Hessel 480 x Jisse 433.  We LOVE Fryso 518 because he comes out of Star mare, Marrit van de Pôle ( by Jisse 433), and his granddam is Star mare Aukje A (by Anton 343), followed by a Preferent Doeke 287 daughter. Fryso is a strongly built, light-footed horse. He always gives his best effort and is super easy to work with. Fryso achieved an average point total of 81.8 during the CO in 2020! Mating advice: We choose him to beed with  the tall LONG haired well trained Anne because he can improve the conformation of this mare; Fryso himself has nicely muscled loins and his croup is of good length with the very desired position!


Buy Anne NOW, before she completes her IBOP test with high enough scores to become permanently a FULL PEDIGREE Ster mare, as 6 yr old full pedigree ster mares with extensive show records in 1st-2nd level dressage, in foal to an approved stallion in Europe, typically sell for 5k MORE than Anne's current price.  Buy her NOW, before her price increases!  Anne is $32,900 delivered to NY. Chicago and LAX are 2k more. 

Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for details on  this LONG haired full pedigree VL Star friesian mare for sale.


Buying Price:


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