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Wimer 461
Friesian Sire


Alwin 469
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Meet Leland, a very nice, sweet and gentle stallion (price includes delivery as a gelding). He has no stallion manners.


He is intelligent, eager to work and learn without being hotheaded or spooky.


He is around 163 cm  tall (16 hands and still growing).

He is well built, has a nice expressive head and will have a lot of mane and forelock---just look how much hair he already has at his young age!!


Leland's pedigree is stellar!!  He is sired by the approved stallion Wimer SPORT and out of a KROON mare by Alwin Sport!  His papers are  chock full of STER's and SPORT's and his motherline reads:


Long hair, smooth gaits, and such a sweetheart with so much talent and such a great brain! This boy is going to excel in the dressage arena or on the trails!

We are really excited about this new addition. - a fairytale looking, beautiful, coming 4 yr old stunner! You will fall in love with this handsome boy! Leland has a real presence about him. He is a really nice size of 16.0 hands (and still growing) and is short backed and easy to put in frame. Although young, Leland is just a joy to ride. He is coming 4 yrs old with a fantastic brain. He is quiet, and always enjoys his work. We love Leland because he is sensible and always wants to please and gives 150% effort every day. Another really nice thing about Leland is that he is super easy to sit!

Leland is very nice to ride because he is the perfect amount of forward. Never too lazy and not too forward for an amateur type of rider. He learns things very quickly and has lots of talent. Very eager to learn. He moves off the hand and leg very easily. He is very comfortable to ride; he is not lofty at all. Great if you have lower back problems. You will have a BLAST on him! He is not the spooky type and not reactive. He stands like a soldier getting on and is always forgiving if you give him the wrong signal. He also enjoys hacks in the woods and long trail rides!


This Wimer X Alwin has a beautiful head and neck with great conformation. You will love his refined face and kind eyes. 

Bday 5/2/19


He stems from stam line 61, and has a low 2.34% inbreeding.


What a great thinking, super moving, well bred, jet-black, LONG haired friesian for sale. 


Leland has been thorougly xrayed on May 30, 2022, (all good!) and xrays are available for review with your vet.


Leland comes with a brand new thorough pre purchase exam and flexion testing, and his price includes delivery as a gelding.  If you pefer to have this  very SWEET boy (no stallion mannors whatsoever) imported as a stallion, 30 day cem quarantine for a stallion is an additional 6-8k.


Leland is $32,900 delivered to NY; LAX is $2300 more and Chicago is $2k more.


Buying Price:


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