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Alke 468
Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Wibout 511

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Black Sterling Friesians is very proud to present a mare from our private reserve....a  full paper star mare. Pregnant and 8 years old AND  M- level dressage, which is 2nd level in America. Very nice horse!


She is a PROVEN producer, GOOD MOTHER, and currently Bred to Wibout 511, last insemination was the 9th of June, so that means she will give you a foal around May 9th of 2023 worth 18-20k.  TREMENDOUS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY!!!!


AND she is a proven dressage competitor, competing and scoring consistently well in 2nd level dressage. Esmeralda has 14 points in M1 dressage currently and has shown all the way up, starting in B level (intro level) and competed in all the classes in between, scoring above 62% consistently, getting 10 points in each level, before moving on to the next level.  In short, she has a VERY THOROUGH show record under NUMEROUS Judges, in many MANY settings, consistently scoring in the 60's and 70's----which is EXCELLENT 3rd party verification of her training!  She is a VERY sweet mare, suitable for novice riders.  She has even been ridden a few times without a saddle and bridle!   She will ALWAYS work for you---she is the kind of horse that will really step up to the plate in dressage, when you really start to ask something of her in competition,and show her real power---and for those of you that want to be competitive, this is VERY nice!!!  BUT, if you just want to do some relaxed riding, she will also be very relaxed! 


AND, don't take our word for it, this is a STER mare, which means the DUTCH JUDGES  decided SHE ranks the BEST of the BEST, and in the TIPPY TOP of all mares for conformation and movement, they bestowed the STER predicate upon her--which is excellent 3rd party verification of her quality when buying sight unseen.


And it doesn't stop there....she is also FULL PEDIGREE, which means she has unbroken STER predicates in her motherline.  You can't get much better that that!!!!!


What a great two for one opportunity on a tremendous sporthorse for sale that will also give you an amazing Wibout foal next spring worth nearly half her purchase price!!




Looking for fairytale? Esmeralda's mane reaches down to the ground, and she passes this "hair" gene on to her foals.


Investment opportunity! Esmeralda is an AMAZING, easy going, beautiful, “been there, done that", PREGNANT mare, in foal to Wibout 511 SPORT! She has wonderful movement with excellent impulsion and strong hind leg---as record by the Dutch Judges when the bestowed the STER predicate on her, ranking her in the tippy top of ALL friesian mares!  Her temperament is wonderful at an ideal age of 8 years old. She has so many great years ahead of her, AND she is a PROVEN GOOD MOTHER! You will just fall in love with this very sweet, gentle STER FULL PEDIGREE mare.

This is a 2 for 1 deal that gets you a high quality, easy, gorgeous mare along with a baby in just a few short months! With the prices of Friesians, and import, going up you cannot go wrong with this deal!

She is bred to the famous approved stallion Wibout 511 SPORT! Wibout is an incredible performance horse he earned his SPORT predicate both in Dressage and driving. He is noted for his incredible use of his front legs. He is also known for his wonderful work ethic and quiet demeanor. Esmeralda is going to have one impressive baby!

We love this mare because she is beautiful, excellent conformation and wonderful movement. AND she is wonderful to ride by most any level rider, and has extensive SHOW experience!


Her foal is due May 9, 2023.

Note, in the past Esmeralda wore a fly mask that was too tight on her head, so she now has 4 small white spots on her head where it rubbed, and the hair grew in white. 


Don't wait, this full pedigree ster mare with a tremendous show record in 2nd level dressage, and confirmed in for to Wibout for 2023 will NOT last!

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