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Tjaarda 483
Friesian Sire


Sjaard 320
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Waander 512

Friesian Mare In Foal To


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

RARE Opportunity to acquire a STER and SPORT mare IN FOAL


3rd Level Dressage WITH Flying Changes AND GREAT Mother!

AND Show Driving Champion! Will Give you a foal by Waander next Spring worth 1/2 her purchase price!


INCREDIBLE opportunity to acquire a STER AND Sport mare, only 7 yrs old with solid flying changes, show driving champion, AND 3rd level dressage WITH changes AND confirmed in foal to the HOT approved stallion, Waander, due in the spring of 2023.


Waander 512 is the first approved son of Loadewyk 431. 

His great-grandmother is a star-preference daughter of Naen 264. Waander 512 comes from the mare line of the well-known Model Preferente Performance mare Wijkje. She is also the mother of the preferent stallions Tsjerk 328 and Djurre.

Waander 512 is a very beautiful breed typical stallion with an expressive head and a JET BLACK coat. Waander 512 stood out in the performances because of his impulse,  and movement technique. Riders and men praise his attitude and workability.


Waander 412 positively caught the eye of the Dutch Judges when he was approved in 2020 with his fine breeding type, phenomenal movement, and his boundless energy.

A closer look at Waander 512’s lineage tells us that his bloodline on the paternal as well as the maternal side is based on two exceptionally successful lines within the Studbook: the Namke line (Foeke van der Velde’s breeding programme from pedigree 50) and the descendants from Wijkje Model Preferent Performance (Benedictus line from pedigree 38).


The stallion has fine breeding type and moves with vigour and lots of energy, his movement shows lots of impulsion.


We think Yfke's Waander foal will be one of the ONLY Waander  foals in North America, and hencce worth a LOT! Wannder is an approved stallion located in Europe.


And this Ster mare has a VERY strong motherline:



B-day 6-21-15


LOW 2.03% inbreeding


Stam line 61

Here is a VERY special STER AND Sport pregnant friesian mare for sale, GRAND Champion Driving Mare, 3rd level dressage mare with flying changes, AND good mother.

ONLY 7 yrs old, IDEAL age!
Champion Show Driving
3rd Level Dressage Z1 WITH flying Changes!
Tjaarda X Sjaard
RARE opportunity to buy such a YOUNG SHOW DRIVING Champion, that is also a STER mare, acquired the HIGHLY coveted SPORT predicate for her high scores in dressage 3rd level.
16.1 hands tall
Call for price delivered to NY, Chicago or LAX including new pre purchase exam, blood tests, cem tests in Europe, ultra sound confirming pregnancy, and transport to airport.
Price will increase as we are continuing to compete Yfke-----should she continue at this rate, she should be able to achieve the HIGHLY coveted ELITE status by THIS time, next year! Yfke is tested NEGATIVE on dwarfism, hydrocephalus and vosfactor!  She has been easily inseminated on sight previously by last owner and has gotten pregnant on first insemination EVERYTIME in the past---NEVER any complications! She has been checked if ovulated and then 18 days check and then after 6 weeks---every single time, Yfke has been scanned in foal on the first try! AND she is an excellent MOTHER!
Call janna at 415-272-2112 for details!
Her Waander foal, due next spring, will be worth nearly half her purchase price--- Her breeding date is April 28th, 2022.
EXCELLENT investment opportunity on a 3rd level dressage mare WITH FLYING CHANGES!
The KFPS recently published an article on the importance of LOW KINSHIP--and that they are going to look for more of this in the stallions they approve for breeding. Since the STER SPORT mare, Yfke has a very low kinship % and there are only three Tjaarda star mares in all of the Netherlands, Yfke is a VERY INTERESTING mare for a knowledgeable top notch breeder! Combined with her amazing sports results---Yfke is now ZZ Dressage Driving, which is 4th level dressage driving!
Call Janna for Price and Info at 415-272-2112

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