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Siert 499


Friesian Sire


Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Siert 499 was born in 2013 and has already managed to earn the sport predicate due to his great performances in sport. During the CO test he showed high quality in work with 80 points in riding, 84.5 and 82.5 points in front of the carriage!!  This is one AMAZING Sport horse with capacity for International Grand Prix!!!!

We have  kept our eyes on this special sport horse for quite some time,  wanting to find this special talent with capacity for International Grand Prix a home in North America. Siert 499 crossed our path in 2019, making a great first impression. When seeing him recently, now competing PSG, his development is very impressive. He has a fantastic natural talent for sport, showing excellent movement, flexibility, mental strength and willingness to work- all needed to reach the top! 

We have verified his show record, he has 18 scores in PSG ABOVE 65%.....

This is a rare opportunity to buy a very very sweet Approved stallion that is still allowed to breed, at a reasonable price!!

He comes from a very good dam line,  5 time preferent in a  row! 

When he was in his 70 day test,  he was the stallion that AMAZED the Judges-----, in the end they gave him an 80 plus score!!

That means on every part in his under saddle test he got an 8 for: walk, trot, canter and so on!

In the stable he is one of a kind: he likes cuddling and loves treats and having his "hair" done, and is always good behaving.


And his offspring look amazing! 


DNA tests

•             Hydrocephalus: no carrier

•             Dwarfism: no carrier

•             Vosfactor: no carrier

What the studbook has to say about him"Siert is a racial stallion. His head is very noble with enough length in his neck which is beautifully shaped and vertically placed. Siert is a very youthful and correct built stallion that stands nicely in the rectangle model. The KFPS-judges were very enthusiastic about Siert his Multi talent and commended him for his effort. Siert is of all the Young stallions of the 70 days test, the stallion who made the most progress. Until the last day he surprised the judges who continually had to adjust the grades. Eventually this led to grades of more than 80 points in all disciplines!!

The walk is with big passes, active, with good use of the body and with a lot of shoulder freedom. The trot has a lot of balance, big passes and with a good technique. In the trot his has a beautiful posture. Siert is easy to work with. The canter has a good uphill jump with more than enough power. He shows a nice posture and a lot of carrying.

Siert has talent as a dressage horse. He has a good effort and is eager to work and easy to work with. He gives the rider a very good feeling. As a driving dressage horse he shows a lot of talent. He stands out for his nice attitude and shows a lot of effort. He is also easy to work with in this discipline. As a show driving horse Siert as a lot of talent. He has beautiful attitude, he shows an appealing  front and a good movement technique.

Siert is from a mother line with 5 Preferent mares in a row with respectively Sape 381, Jochem 259, Fokke 217, Nanne 197 and  Hylke 186 (stam 38). The fourth mare in the row is the famous Model Preferent  Prestatie mare Wijkje, the mother of the approved breeding stallions Djurre 284 and Tsjerk 328. Recommendations for breeding by the KFPS: Siert 499 can improve movement technique, effort, nice model and luxury."

 Here is a stallion with an exceptional capacity for dressage.  166 cm.


---its not often, I am able to offer PSG 9 yr old APPROVED breeding stallion, and when I do, they just don’t last.


He is a fantastic behaving stallion, you can ride him alone but also with other horses in the arena!

He is also a fantastic horse for trail rides---- he never looks at anything. 

Also you can go driving with him----- he is very well trained to drive as a  single, in a  pair,  and in a four in hand.

What a amazing approved friesian KFPS stallion now available, you can do almost everything with him, and you also can get some mares pregnant, and have REGISTERED friesian foals!

At the moment he is showing PSG in Europe and at every competition  everybody is in love with him----this horse is just so charismatic and charming, it is hard NOT to fall in love with him! 

At home he can do almost the most heavy exercises of dressage, in preparation for the Grand Prix!

 This is a RARE opportunity to buy an APPROVED YOUNG friesian stallion, and at this price, he will NOT last!


Stam 38, 10th generation


Siert 499 is $95,900 delivered to NY including 3 day USDA quarantine. LAX and Chicago are 2k more. Prices subject to adjust/fluctuate dependant on Euro/USD exchange rate.

If imported as a stallion, the USDA requires an additional 30 day quarantine, costing  anywhere from $5800-9k, depending on Buyer's choice of facility.

If imported as a gelding, there is no additional quarantine needed.


Here is a stallion with an exceptional capacity for dressage.  166 cm. 

He actively competed under saddle in June 2022, LT Nationals and he competed in front of the carriage on the 14th of October, 2022, at the Indoor championships of Friesland---this young champion is in TIP TOP SHAPE and ready to go FOR YOU!!!


  If you are interested in more info---please let me know---VERY RARE opportunity to acquire a high level 9  yr old APPROVED KFPS Prix St George Friesian stallion for sale.

Give me a call for more info! 415-272-2112

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