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Wytse 462
Friesian Sire


Olof 315
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Black Sterling is proud to present this exceptional Prix St George Friesian For Sale!

Here is a truly exceptional opportunity for a rider looking for a BEAUTIFUL experienced gelding, that has 3 points in ZZ light, with EXTREMELY LONG hair, at an experienced mature age of 10 yrs old, with excellent xrays taken last year!


We hardly EVER get LONG haired friesians with this much experience under their belt, that can do flying changes in their sleep like Nik, and when we do, they just dont last! 

Exceptional new 10 yr old, 16.1 hand friesian gelding for sale! Perfect horse for beginners or timid riders, or those looking for a SAFE dressage schoolmaster--this boy RESPONDS to your seat and legs, NOT lazy! Super super sweet, and a good choice for ANY level rider!! 10 year old gelding with a significant winning show record----reasonably priced ONLY because he was sold in the Netherlands, and unfortunately due to corona, the former owners hit hard times and had to sell....their loss, YOUR gain----this gem WILL NOT LAST! 

What a SUPER all around boy that is not spooky on trails or in traffic. FANTASTIC HORSE,  as he has just TONS of experience!!!!

The cuddly friendly gelding named "Nik" is one SPECIAL boy!!!


 165cm, which translates to just over 16.1 hands TALL!


1st Premie!!! Has acquired BOTH the STER and SPORT predicates! 

"STER", Dutch Judges decided he is tippy top 10% for conformation and movement, and "SPORT" for his consistently high scores in 3rd level dressage and above. 


Nikolaj has a NICE pedigree, with Sport in it--- sired by WYTSE SPORT and dams sire is the one and only OLOF SPORT PREF—this boy is bred to be the top of his field in SPORT!!!


Nik excels in dressage and trail riding, not spooky! And he is a good worker!

Super sweet, gentle and kind. If you are looking for a horse that is used to being ridden outside, ANYWHERE, and by himself, here is a GOOD one.

He has 3 fluid gaits, and a beautiful head with friendly eyes.  And just check out his full long mane and tail….Nice hair and jet black coat! 

 Has much dressage show experience!! He is SUPER QUIET and gentle.  Read: EXPERIENCED.


This is a rare GORGEOUS boy who has the so sought after competition experience, competing in ZZ Light (which translates to PSG in the U.S.) with scores above 62%--- very easy to ride and show at competitions, super for a novice!


This boy has the natural ability to take YOU up the levels.  He is very responsive to the aids. Really a dream horse to ride.


Call Janna at 415-272-2112, email [email protected]!


Nikolaj is $41,900 delivered to NY. Chicago and LAX are 2k more.

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