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Height: 16.1 hands
Have you been DREAMING of a BAROQUE PINTO?????
This is a stallion I am VERY familiar with and have had my eyes on for 3 years.
He is a 1st premie APPROVED stallion with the Barock pinto studbook, and they have not wanted to sell him, because they make a pretty penny in stud fees every year off of him.
My friend Betty competed him two years ago , and he was selected for the European Championships.
He has trained almost up to Z level (3rd level without changes).
Currently a very amateur rider, Sietske, is competing him in dressage, in fact they compete nearly every weekend.
He is a SUPER sweet, EASY, uncomplicated, GOOD THINKING, easy for a junior rider or RANK BEGINNER to ride----The kind of horse that you can truly just hop on and ENJOY your ride, and NOT have to worry about what the horse is looking at!
Finley measures 166 cm, which is just over 16.1 hands tall.
He knows half pass, shoulder in, haunches in, counter canter, etc.
Finley has pulled a carriage in weddings, marathons, used for driving up to 8 in hands----my partner bred him, and he has had the same owner his whole life.
His Grandmother is a Friesian sired by the famous approved stallion, Thomas 327.
He has an impeccable temperament, no stallion manners whatsoever.
Bday 4/18/15.
Delivery to  Calgary is just $1600 more and delivery to Toronto (flight) is ONLY $800 more than the listed price! 
LAX and Chicago are $2800k more.
Prices subject to adjust/fluctuate dependant on Euro/USD exchange rate.
Let me know if you are interested by calling Janna: 415-272-2112
----this fancy SWEET boy can DO IT ALL, and he WILL NOT LAST!

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