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Thymen SPORT


Tsjalle 454
Friesian Sire


Stendert 447
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Rare opportunity to acquire a talented, sweet and beautiful 8 yr old friesian gelding that has acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate!


We have known Thymen since he was 4 yr old. My partner in the NL has taught the owner, an amateur rider, for the last 4 yrs on this SUPER sweet and beautiful friesian gelding.  We can't say enough about this boy's excellent character--what a GOOD thinking, uncomplicated horse suitable for a very amateur or junior rider.  In fact ALL of his show experience has been with an AMATEUR rider! 

And Thymen has accumulated QUITE a show record... L1 National Champion in the Netherlands and he now has accrued 9 winning points in Z1 Level Dressage (which is 3rd level without the changes), all while being ridden by a very AMATEUR rider! This sweet friesian for sale is the MOST tolerant we have seen with beginners or novice riders.  He is SAFE SAFE SAFE, and he LIKES dogs and little children!

We just had him thoroughly vetted AND xrayed---all GOOD, on April 15, 2022; and xrays are available for review with your vet.

Already a gelding, and stemming from the GOLD STANDARD stam line 50, Theymen has TALENT in his genes---he is sired by the Sport Elite Pref AA approved stallion, Tsjalle 454, and dam's sire is Stendert 447 SPORT AA,  His dam also acquired the coveted SPORT Predicate and is STER and rec'd the AA predicate for her high scores; grandmother is Pref Prest (having had 10 or more offspring that acquired the ster predicate) and great grandmother is STER PREF8 (having had 8 or more offspring that made STER), and great great grandmother is STER PREF PREST13 (with 13 or more offspring that were designated STER!). Wow, what a prolific bloodline producing champions!


This is an extremely RARE opportunity to acquire a 3rd level dressage gelding with the SPORT predicate, at a reasonable price,  that is a lovely All Around Pleasure/Trail Horse as well,  AND has  already been fully vetted recently and comes with a full set of EXCELLENT xrays.


This mature  and experienced gelding is a GEM---he is a SCHOOLMASTER and can teach YOU!

B-day 3/6/2014


Thymen SPORT is intelligent and friendly, an IMPRESSIVE gelding with noble and beautiful looks, correct and strong conformation-----in short, a gorgeous Friesian, a real head -turner, that  is trained to do all exercises of 3rd level sans flying changes, with thick mane and forelock, heavy tail and feathered legs. He has outstanding ground manners, being very respectful of his handler's and their personal space, and is accustomed to being handled by small children. His upright conformation allows him to bring his hind legs well under himself. His movement is very swingy and light to the rider.


Thymen is a lovely forward moving Friesian,  not a spooky horse, but he's also not a lazy Friesian with no forward, that requires whips and spurs. He has quite a bit of experience going to numerous competitions. He has also been trained to drive.


Dressage riders that have ridden/shown Thymen have all really loved him and were thrilled with how quickly he learns---- doing all kinds of things in a short period of time. From lateral movements- to his really nice canter, Thymen  is super sweet, kind, and giving; wanting to please his rider at all times.


This super SWEET and willing friesian, now being offered for sale,  is very light in his movement, and light in his contact, and his personality is priceless. He is a trooper out on trails and very courageous and curious in any situation.


Thymen is not only ideally build uphill with a strong, short coupled back, but he also has the talent and, most importantly,  the enthusiastic work ethic, to go all the way up the levels in dressage, if his rider so chooses. He really likes to work, and never gets tired! 


He is a truly exceptional opportunity for a rider looking for a BEAUTIFUL experienced gelding, that has acquired the coveted SPORT predicate given to him for consistently scoring well in 3rd level competition, with a priceless good character, at an experienced mature age of 8 yrs old, with clean vetcheck and xrays.



We hardly EVER get 8 yr old friesians with this much experience under their belt, like Thymen SPORT, and when we do, they just dont last! 

We already did all his necessary blood tests required for import, so he can fly with just one week's notice!  Flights to Chicago and LAX are 2k more than NY.

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