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Horse Description

Height: 15.3 hands

Black Sterling Friesians is VERY proud to present this RARE 7 yr old PRE gelding for sale!!


Ambrose is an exceptionally beautiful PRE with potential for the Grand Prix!! 

We just started with flying changes, and they are no problem for him--- he is doing them easily, even doing pirouettes, passage ..... all is playing for him. This is one TALENT LOADED BOY!!

He is above all VERY intelligent, extremely willing. You can ride all the dressage exercises with only "thinking them",  and Ambrose is doing them. Riding him is a dream!!! 


Its not possible to find a more beautiful PRE for sale!!


He has 3 far above average INCREDIBLE gaits; his walk scores "9's"!!!


Ideal age: 7 years old with EXCELLENT recent X-rays, EASY to sit for those with bad backs. Ambrose  stands 15.3 hands tall.


We have just started/playing with the flying changes, passage and  pirouettes and boy oh boy, Ambrose has no difficulty with the upper level exercises!


He has beautiful conformation, with a big round stallion neck (we already gelded him though---!), splendid head, extra INCREDIBLE mover!!


And of course like our other Black Sterling horses, Ambrose has a lovely personality, and a  very gentle friendly character.



Yes, he is special in every way, watch the video above with my partner's daughter which shows how friendly he is!


Oh, and did we mention that not only are his X-rays good, they INCLUDE back and neck.


Ambrose had already been competing, with show experience in 2nd level, when we bought him. We make our horses then ready at home for Prix St George and start them directly at this level. At this moment Ambrose has a good solid Z2 level dressage training (3rd level with changes); we play a little with the PSG exercises......and they are absolutely no problem for this boy!

He is just 7 years, PSG will be the beginning of this talented dressage boy's career in FEI. His 3 gaits are so far above average and he is really drop dead gorgeous!! This a sensitive boy, NOT a RANK beginner's horse,  he is chalk full of TALENT!!!


He is a joy for a dressage rider that wants a horse with possibilities and NO limits to go up all levels. 

Ambrose responds on very small signals.... you  only have to think it,  and he is doing it.  An ambitious dressage riders DREAM horse!


Its not often we offer PRE's, but just could not pass this one up---he is packed with talent, reasonably priced, already thoroughly xrayed including back and neck and available for review with your vet, already a gelding, and only $51,900 delivered to NY. 

LAX and Chicago are 2k more.

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